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Relationships: Pray

Your relationships are blessed!

It’s God’s desire that your relationships be blessed—from the relationships in your household to the relationships in your workplace and church.

A Prayer for Rebellious Children

There is a battle for our children. The enemy is after them, and some have fallen prey to his schemes. It can start small and subtle, or it can come on fiercely and quickly. The spirit of rebellion is one way the enemy seeps in almost undetected, causing hurt, confusion and often serious damage.

A Thanksgiving Prayer to Bless Your Family

Thanksgiving is a blessed opportunity to gather together with family members from near and far. It is a time when many will travel to visit those they may not have seen for years.

A Prayer for My Husband

Heavenly Father, I thank You for my husband and for the gift he is to my life. I thank You that he is a man of integrity and that our entire family is blessed to have him as our leader.  

A Prayer for Your Wife

“The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the Lord.” (Proverbs 18:22) 

Praying Over Young Children

As Christian parents, we can become tempted to let worry and fear shake the trust we have in God.

Praying Over Teenagers’ Spirits, Minds and Bodies

Raising teenagers is work…a lot of work that takes love, dedication and prayer. Teenagers are at a critical time in their lives when they are making more and more decisions about how they will live and what they will believe.

A Prayer for Standing Against Worry About a Family Member

God’s promises regarding your family members’ salvation will give you peace about their future.

A Prayer for Stressful Family Visits/Situations

Pray for your family and learn to live at peace with them in a quiet, peaceful home.

A Prayer for Your Children

Stand in prayer for your children today, calling them BLESSED!

A Prayer for Raising Children

God will partner with you in raising your kids! Pray this prayer over them today.

A Prayer to Stop Strife in Its Tracks

Stand against strife and let peace rule your household with this scripture-based prayer.

Prayer for Honoring Others

Make a quality decision to live a life of honor today in all you do. You can start with this prayer.

Prayer for Unity With Others

The Lord wants us to walk in love with others. Pray this prayer of commitment to peace today.

Prayer for Walking in Love

A simple prayer to strengthen your love walk.

Prayer for Salvation and Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Are you ready to serve the Lord with your whole heart? Pray this prayer...and watch everything change!

Prayer for All Your Relationships

Your relationships can be blessed each and every day. Pray this prayer of strength over them today.

Prayer for Your Marriage

Use this prayer to make a decision to live in harmony and become the mighty couple God has made you to be.

Prayer for Your Children

Your children are precious in God's sight! Pray this Bible-based prayer over them, committing them to the Lord.