Why Attend?

There's nothing like a KCM event. Imagine getting away from the rat race ... putting aside the distractions ... and spending your time completely immersed in God's Word.

A variety of venues.

From up-close-and-personal meetings in small churches with Kenneth Copeland to week-long, bigger-than-life events in 10,000-seat auditoriums with an entire host of trusted ministers, there's something for everyone, no matter where you live around the globe.

One Word from God ...

When you get away and focus on the Word, something happens ... not only around you, but inside you. Change happens. Change for the better. Hope for the future. Detailed vision that's dropped into your heart about today—and tomorrow. Suddenly you're positioned to really hear from God…and every event is full of testimonies of those who do just that. Because remember: One word from God can change your life forever.

Building a community.

At all our meetings, you have a unique opportunity to gather with other like-minded believers—some who live nearby, and some from very far away, but all who share a strong, life-changing faith in the Lord. By networking together, you receive encouragement and agreement in prayer like you’ve never experienced before…because we’re all in this together.

Something for the whole family.

KCM events are for your entire family, too. Many of them feature special services for youth, Superkid Academy for children, pre-service prayer, worship, fellowship times and more. And if you can’t make it in person, or want to experience it again, live streaming and recording are almost always an option so you never miss the latest word the Lord brings to His people.

Get immersed ... with KCM events!