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In print since 1973, the Believer's Voice of Victory magazine has transformed lives across the globe. This FREE monthly publication is filled with powerful tools for spiritual growth; articles by ministry leaders; testimonies from people just like you and much more.

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Your Ballot Is Your Seed

by Kenneth Copeland

Discover why it’s critical—for you—to cast your vote in this year’s elections. “You have to understand, the ballot is your seed.... When you don’t sow it, you have sown to your enemy.”

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October 2020

Joy Williams was hospitalized, on morphine and not expected to survive. Her husband, Del, was ... more

September 2020

Ted Winsley was king of the football field. He dreamed of playing in the NFL and wearing a ... more

August 2020

At 14 years old, Bob Nichols knew he was called to preach the gospel. Looking back at the ... more

July 2020

In these last days before Jesus returns, God is putting together a team of believers who ... more

June 2020

Tom Westberry lost it all. He lost his business, his wealth, his home, his wife and several ... more

May 2020

As her husband lay lifeless after collapsing to the floor, Christa Tomlin refused to open her ... more

April 2020

At age 8, Avery Jackson didn’t understand what it meant when the Lord told him that he would ... more

March 2020

At 10 years old, Reinhard Bonnke already knew he wanted to be a missionary to Africa. His ... more

February 2020

Richard Jordan was trimming a tree whose branches were entangled with a power line. In a moment ... more

January 2020

Cameron Arnett’s successful acting career came to a halt when he was blacklisted for refusing to ... more

December 2019

God put His healing power in His WORD. Hear what He says about healing, by faith receive it and be ... more

November 2019

When doctors advised Jessica to medically terminate her pregnancy at 19 weeks, she and her ... more