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July 2022
Faith & Family
Melanie Hemry

Family had always been important to Kevin Hostetler. So the devastating church split had left him reeling. If that wasn’t enough, he and his wife, Joan, were on one side of the split, and his family on the other. To top it off, he and Joan had been married for 15 years without children. Where was God in all this?

Previous Issues

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June 2022 BVOV
June 2022
'Standing In My Dream'

Kenneth Copeland, who is himself part Cherokee, had held in his heart the desire to someday preach to his native people.

April 2022 BVOV
April 2022
60 Years--Happy Wedding Anniversary!

When Kenneth Copeland met Gloria Neece 60 years ago, he fell in love with her the minute he saw her. And when he opened up his heart enough for Gloria, Jesus came knocking.

March 2022 BVOV
March 2022
1986-2022 36 Years! Kenneth Copeland's Partner Letter
Ronald C. Jordan, Editor

In 1986, Kenneth Copeland made a lifelong commitment to seek the Lord and write a monthly letter to his Partners.

February 2022 VICTORY magazine
February 2022
You Are A Precious Treasure
Gloria Copeland

God has never given up on His dream of having a people who will let Him be God to them. He just asks that we walk in the light of what we know and continue to seek more light.

January 2022 Cover
January 2022
The Power of Partnership
Kenneth Copeland

In the spirit, when God’s people come alongside one another to do the work of the Kingdom, the synergy principle kicks in.

October 2021 VICTORY Magazine
October 2021
No One's Laughing Now!
Melanie Hemry

Hollie and Brent Nordan felt the strain of pastoring a church, caring for their own children, and running a daycare. Hoping for things to get better, they only got worse, Then, Brent stumbled into a KCM meeting that changed their lives for the good – forever!

September 2021
Melanie Hemry

When Kent and Priscilla Pate received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and started digging into the Word of God, their lives were transformed.

August 2021
Gateway to the Supernatural
Kenneth Copeland

As a born-again believer you will never be satisfied just living a natural life—you have divinity on the inside of you!

July 2021
The True Secret to Success
Melanie Hemry

From overwhelming debt and dumpster diving for cans, to prospering beyond their wildest dreams, Pam and Larry Winters give God the glory.