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October 2023
Melanie Hemry

Faith Without Compromise

When Chris Sutley was told to stop teaching the Word of Faith or face being fired as an associate pastor, he and his wife, JoJo, decided to be subject to God, and not man. Shortly after resigning his position, Chris heard God say, I want you to start a church.

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August 2023
August 2023

‘The Miracle Was All God’

With their newborn daughter, Avery,  fighting for her life, and doctors offering little hope she would live, Jenny and Eddie Richard exercised their faith and clung to the three words God had spoken to them both, at different times—I’VE GOT THIS!

July 2023
July 2023

The Sound of Miracles

When the devil tried to destroy his ministry, RayGene Wilson recalled what Kenneth E. Hagin once told him: “He’s after the anointing…. Let the Lord fight the battle. Keep your love walk at all costs!”

May 2023
The Algorithm of Faith

Following a miraculous recovery from a life threatening skateboard accident, KCBC graduate Gabe Poirot is back to sharing the gospel with more than 3.6 million viewers online. Over 40,000 have accepted Jesus as Lord through his teachings.

April 2023
A Better Way

When Keith Miller learned that “sometimes obeying God runs contrary to our natural inclination,” God showed him how to overcome a mountain of debt and become debt free.

March 2023
March 2023
Coming Home

Badly beaten and facing death, Marleth Lobato watched in horror as her boyfriend held her at gunpoint while he dug her grave. When she cried out to the God from whom she had walked away, He miraculously saved her life!

February 2023
February 2023
Rest In Troubled Times

On the backside of a severe recession that greatly affected the entire nation, DaVon Alexander left his six-figure salary job in banking so he and his wife, Stacy, could start a church. It was a step of faith they would never regret.

Jan 23
January 2023
Inside the Vision
Gina Lynnes

Pastors George and Terri Copeland Pearsons, the ministry's CEO and Chief Visionary Officer, share their hearts and the future of the ministry as they take us Inside the Vision.

December 22
December 2022
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Kenneth Copeland

Christmas is a reminder that God has always had a plan. "In the beginning was The WORD, and The WORD was with God, and The WORD was God...And The WORD was made flesh, and dwelt among us" (John 1:1, 14).

November 2022
Total Restoration
Melanie Hemry

Charles and Angela stood by helplessly, listening as doctors gave a grim prognosis for their 2-year-old daughter who had fallen and suffered a fractured skull. They had already lost their business, their home, their finances—even their marriage. Would they now lose their only child?

10-2022 BVOV
October 2022
It Was Worth the Weight
Melanie Hemry

In 2012, John Heart won the title of Light Heavyweight Mr. America. Leaving the venue that day, he saw a limousine. The driver held a sign that said: John Heart, Mr. America.