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Kenneth's Partner Letter Archive

Since 1986, each month without fail, Kenneth Copeland has personally written a letter to his Partners, sharing the latest insights and revelation the Lord has shown him. Use this archive to read his latest letter, as well as research past letters that will charge your faith. 

February 2020

Who Is God

The Almighty God, El Shadday, is “the all sufficient one,” “the God who is more than enough.” He is everything we could ever need, and throughout Scripture, He is known by His wonderful names. El Shadday gave Jesus His Name(s), and because He is our blood Brother by covenant, we have been named after Him. We know who He is by His name(s), so we now know who we are in Him. Jesus has been given a Name that is above every name, and because of that, we are new creatures in Him, made His righteousness and joint heirs with Him, the Anointed One. This is our message in 2020. Every born-again believer must find out who God is, who Jesus is, and who we are in Him!

January 2020

What About 2020

The Bible is a Book about the importance of God’s management of time. He has given time to all men. What we do with it is the most important thing in our lives. God has specific plans for all men everywhere, and His plans are for good. But it’s up to us to make the right choices in life by placing His WORD as final authority, thereby choosing Life and abundance that was paid for with His life’s blood.

So what about the upcoming year? It will be a year of new visions, manifest power and great change. It’s up to you and me how that will manifest in our own lives. The stage is set for the greatest outpouring of spiritual power and God’s glory than ever in its history. But what we do with it—the way we vote in the upcoming elections, has everything to do with the outpouring. With our prayers and votes, the United States of America will become one nation under God again!