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Updated October 2018

How to Receive Your Healing

God wants you well, and His power for total and complete healing and wholeness belongs to you. Whatever you’ve been dealing with, healing is for today, and it’s for you! Listen and learn how to receive your healing through obedience to God’s Word.  
Lessons Include
  1. God's Will Is Healing
  2. Speak Your Healing
  3. Healing Blockers
  4. 5 Steps to Receiving From God
Updated October 2018

10 Steps to Debt Freedom

God’s will for us, as believers, is prosperity and abundance. Not only does He take pleasure in our prosperity, but it is a gift that is to be used to minister to the hurting and the lost, and to spread the gospel throughout the world. The spiritual principles of tithing and giving are the foundation for prosperity, abundance, and of course, debt freedom.
Lessons Include
  1. God's Will Is Prosperity
  2. The Foundation for Debt Freedom
  3. Steps to Debt Freedom, Part 1
  4. Steps to Debt Freedom, Part 2
  5. Final Steps to Debt Freedom
Updated October 2018

Cultivating the Kingdom of God in You

What kind of heart do you have? Is it one that can receive from God? Learn how to cultivate the kind of heart required for the power of God to flow in you and through you. In this course, we will review the teaching Jesus used to explain the necessary conditions of the heart that prepare a believer to receive every good and perfect gift from Him.  
Lessons Include
  1. A Heart That Receives
  2. Cultivating Good Soil
  3. Receiving Revelation Knowledge
  4. How to Know the Will of God

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