Are you a new Christian wanting to learn more about your new life? Or do you know someone you'd like to introduce to Jesus, and help in their growth as a Christian?

Whatever the need, your answers are in God’s Word. Below, you’ll find help to clearly understand salvation and help others in their salvation journey, too.


…and faith comes from God’s Word. Discover these scriptures, taken from the Bible, that prove God’s love for you and show you all His salvation has to offer.


A key to keeping your salvation strong and continuing to grow in the Lord is speaking scriptures that establish who you are as a new creation in Christ. Every time you give voice to these scriptures and declare your new life, you become stronger in your faith and in your life. Start by speaking these scriptures today.


When you're ready to be born again, all you have to do is simply pray and you'll become a new creation. Here you will find prayers to help you along the way in this new journey.


Salvation isn’t just for getting into heaven. See how your life—each and every day—can change because of it.


Ready to go deeper with Jesus? Here are a few articles to help you understand even further what being a new creation is all about. 


Ready to dig deeper in your relationship with the Lord? Take the tools you need to live a happier, healthier, more successful life. 

If you need someone to pray with you, or even just share a word of encouragement, faith and wisdom, we’re here for you! We have full-time ministers on staff available for you to call. Click here to find an office near you.  

In the videos below, you'll meet Riley Stephenson, Minister of Evangelism at Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Riley will walk you step-by-step in the most effective way to grow your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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