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Relationships: Believe

Focus first on your most important relationship

Put God first in all you do. As you seek to know and find Him, all other relationships will be put into perspective and begin to fall into place. You can believe for and receive God’s absolute best in repairing and building your relationships today.

God's Promises for Your Relationships

Give your relationships a boost by standing on these scriptures for your family, friends and other relationships.

Scriptures for a Christ-Centered Family

When we stand in agreement, the impossible becomes possible. Use these scriptures as a starting point for standing with your Christian family.

You're Not Alone—God's Promises for Singles

As a single believer, God has great things in store for you! Stand on these promises knowing that being single doesn't mean being alone.

Promises for Your Children

Jesus loves children! Believe on these promises from God's Word for the little ones in your life with big dreams.

Promises for Wives and Mothers

God has a special plan for each of His daughters. Read these scriptural promises for women and mothers today.

Promises for Husbands and Fathers

It's time for Godly men to take a stand! Believe on these scriptures for men and fathers.

Promises for Your Marriage

When men and women come together in agreement, the world can change! Discover God's promises for married couples here.