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Relationships: Speak

Establish your relationships in the Word.

You get to know God for who He really is when you learn to fellowship with Him and develop a good friendship with Him. Start by speaking these scriptures based on the promises in His Word. 

Worrying About Your Children? 10 Scriptural Confessions That Bring Peace

Are you struggling with keeping your peace when it comes to your children? Or do you find yourself constantly fighting thoughts of fear concerning their spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social well-being?

Relationship-Building Scriptures

Speak these scriptures over your relationships...with faith!

Topics: Relationships

A Confession for Your Relationships

Stand for God's best in all your relationships as you speak this Bible-based confession aloud.

Topics: Relationships

A Confession for Your Children

Speak the Word over your children, standing for His BEST in their life!

A Confession for Your Marriage

Your marriage is blessed! Here's a confession you can speak over it each and every day.