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I prayed for someone to receive healing, but the manifestation did not come. Why?
I prayed for someone to receive healing, but the manifestation did not come. Why?
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It is so important to remember that when it comes to God, He deals with everything according to the heart. There are times when unbelievers can receive healing. And there are times when believers don’t.

The miracle-working power of Jesus is always available, but sometimes we have to press in to discover just how to receive or minister healing to another person. Praying in the spirit and listening for the leading of the Lord will help you discern how to minister healing to an individual.

While healing is God’s will for everyone, there isn’t always a manifestation. It might be the heart of the one receiving the prayer, or it might be something you don’t understand about the person for whom you’re praying. But one thing we can know for sure—God is not holding back.

There are also many instances of gradual healings, so it may not manifest instantly when you pray, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t on the way.

Romans 4:16 says, “Therefore, the promise comes by faith…” (NIV). Keep operating in faith and never give up on laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover. It’s something Jesus said all who follow Him will experience (Mark 16:18).

Stir up your faith by reminding yourself of The Power of the Blood of Jesus.