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Prophecy means "to speak the truth" or "to proclaim".  


Jan 19: 'Come Hide Away With Me'!

by Kenneth Copeland
Eagle Mountain International Church, Fort Worth, TX, USA

Take time to visit with God; strengthen your relationship with Him, and let Him be your best Friend.


Dec 6: 2021: The Year of The Local Church

by Kenneth Copeland

Restore = To return, to turn back to God, to refresh, to repair, to make requital (as in recompense), to defeat

Jul 3: ‘Call Things as Though They Were’!

by Kenneth Copeland
Faith for Freedom Revival, Healing School

Like Abraham, obey God and call things as though they were already in place.

Jul 2: ‘This Is the Time’!

by Kenneth Copeland, Hank Kunneman
Faith for Freedom Revival (Prophecy delivered in tongues by Kenneth Copeland; Interpreted by Hank Kunneman)

This night, you have stepped into a season of the heavenly rain of signs, wonders and miracles!

Jul 2: ‘I Am On Your Side’

by Kenneth Copeland
Faith for Freedom Revival, Fort Worth, TX

God wants you to know: He is always for you, always there to help you and always there to empower you.

Jul 2: ‘Days of Victory’!

by Kenneth Copeland
Faith for Freedom Revival

A time of financial rain has come, and it’s from Jesus!

Jun 21: ‘The BLESSING’!

by Kenneth Copeland
Eagle Mountain Church, Fort Worth, TX

Rejoice! THE BLESSING of The LORD is greater now than it ever has been, and it’s continuing to increase!

May 17: 'The Giants Are Coming'

by Kenneth Copeland
EMIC – Drive-In Service

“The giants are coming! The giants are coming! The giants, the spiritual giants are coming forth,” saith The LORD.

May 10: ‘This Is My Dwelling Place’!

by Kenneth Copeland
Eagle Mountain International Church

God is the beginning, the end and everything in between; and He is healing this land.

Apr 4: ‘The Time of Deliverance Has Come’

by Kenneth Copeland
Branson Virtual Victory Campaign

Victory is here for the Latin-based language countries!