10 Power-Packed Declarations for Restoration
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10 Power-Packed Declarations for Restoration

No matter what has been stolen or how long it has been, God is a God of restoration! Defeat is not in His vocabulary, and it shouldn’t be in yours either. Yes, we face challenges and setbacks, but He has promised that when we put our faith in Him, we will always come out on the winning side (2 Corinthians 2:14).


If you need restoration in your life—in your health, finances, family, career, ministry or anywhere else, this is your year to see it come to pass. Begin by speaking these 10 power-packed declarations for restoration.


  1. The favor of God is over my life, and it brings me promotion and increase. His favor is restoring everything the enemy has stolen from me and producing honor in the midst of my adversaries. (Genesis 39:21; Exodus 3:21, 11:3)
  2. God, You said You will restore the years the locust has eaten, so I declare now in the Name of Jesus that every minute, every bit of sleep, every opportunity that has been stolen is restored! (Joel 2:25)
  3. I will no longer stay silent! Today, I say, “Restore!” Restore my finances, restore my health, restore _____ and ______. Thank You, God, that You are a God of compassion and love who wants to restore all to me. (Isaiah 42:22)
  4. Thank You, God, that You restore everything. Today, I take a stand and declare that I am pursuing total restoration of my time, money, opportunities, health and relationships; and I will, without fail, recover all! (1 Samuel 30:6-8)
  5. I bind every spirit that is hindering my breakthrough right now in Jesus’ Name. I plead the blood of Jesus over _____. I loose a spirit of manifestation in my life and declare that my God is making all things new. (Revelation 12:11)
  6. I am more than a conqueror! I am not only recovering everything that has been stolen from me, but I am going to a new level beyond that in Jesus’ Name! (Romans 8:37)
  7. The favor of God in my life restores everything the enemy has stolen from me. (Exodus 3:21)
  8. God, You said the thief must restore to me seven times what he stole. I receive that today in Jesus’ Name. (Proverbs 6:31)
  9. God, I am open to Your correction today. I tune my heart into Your Word, Your Spirit and those You have placed in my life. I declare today that I will receive Your correction with humility and make adjustments that will cause my restoration to burst forth in Jesus’ Name (Hebrews 12:11; Proverbs 12:1; 2 Timothy 3:16; Proverbs 9:7-9)
  10. I am more than a conqueror! Every Red Sea in my life, I command you to part. Every Lazarus in my life, I call you to resurrect. Goliath, you are a defeated foe. Be cast down and destroyed in my life. Dry bones, I’m talking to you, and I command you to live in Jesus’ Name! Restoration is here! (Romans 8:37)

Speak these 10 power-packed declarations for restoration every day, and set your restoration in motion! As you do, you will begin to see yourself taking victory where you had let dreams lie dormant in defeat. You can receive restoration in every area of your life. It’s time to say, “Restore!”


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