If you think you’re having a difficult time right now, David is one who would understand.

Topic: faith encouragement
Staying in faith is the key to achieving every desire of your heart.
Topic: faith

Hearing from God is what we are called to live and breathe for, and what most of us desire more than anything. 

Topic: faith prayer
Stagnant or flowing? Which type of water source would you want to drink from?
Topic: faithful faith consistent believe

Deception is the devil’s tactic. His only hope to take out believers is to get them to believe a lie. He does it so subtly as to make it almost seem true. Almost. 

Topic: prayer deception faith

There aren’t many things that can cause more stress and anxiety than financial pressure. It can be an all-consuming worry during the day and keep you up all night. 

Topic: faith speak confession

Sitting at home, following government guidelines for quarantine, has left many feeling helpless during these challenging times. The coronavirus has been elevated in the media and throughout the world, yet we must remind ourselves that the Name of Jesus is higher than any other name.

Topic: communion Health faith
When we put our relationship with God first, we will live in a circle of BLESSING.
Topic: blessing faith speak
The family that lives out their faith together sees victory together!
Topic: faith family legacy
Some people are born with God-given musical talent. But without practice and intentional development of that talent, it won’t come to anything great. The same is true of faith.
Topic: faith Fearless
Condemnation never changes anything. The next time you think you’re doing the right thing by feeling guilty or ashamed of your past or how you recently blew it—think again.
Topic: condemnation faith
The devil uses fear to challenge the promises of God.
Topic: faith fear
Instead of begging God to BLESS us, what we ought to be doing is developing our faith in what He has already done for us.
Topic: blessing faith scriptures
The good news? God has called us to live by faith and works, and He always provides a way for us to obey Him.
Topic: Health faith

God wants His people to receive everything He has promised, so knowing what He promised is vital! God’s will is always to prosper His people—He will never forget you nor forsake you. When it seems like there is nothing you can do—speak faith—speak victory.

Topic: finances scriptures faith

The promises of God belong to you. Every minute of every day, as a child of God, you’re entitled to believe for them and to take possession of them. Maybe you know this, and with great joy, you move forward to take possession—only to find the enemy’s fiery darts flying toward you at every turn.

Topic: faith patience praise
The laws of faith apply to every area of life—spiritual, mental, physical, financial, relational and professional. 
Topic: faith confession spiritual growth

Satan is a cruel, merciless being. He doesn’t care if you are 3 years old or 93. His ambition is to steal, kill and destroy, and he will do it if you let him. Satan will pressure you into acting on fear and then condemn you for it.

Topic: joy faith

There is a great ingathering of souls taking place before Christ’s return, and He has sent you to take your own unique place as a reaper in the harvest!

Topic: faith spiritual growth
Faith is a powerful force. Everything that happens to us supernaturally happens by faith.
Topic: faith thankfulness Christian Walk

Are you living in the overflow? The land of more than enough? Most Christians aren’t. But the time has come for us to live on a higher dimension of God’s provision. The time has come for us to live beyond paycheck to paycheck.

Topic: faith overflow the blessing
So, when you feel like you’re in a spiritual stalemate, go to the Word of God and find the “if” that leads to your promise.
Topic: faith spiritual growth
The Bible is clear about the power of the Name! Yet, most Christians don’t seem to put much stock in it.
Topic: faith jesus confession
To activate and grow your faith for healing, the Word of God is a powerful tool in getting the truth down inside your spirit.
Topic: healing faith speak
Learn to choose and speak the right words and change your future!
Topic: speak faith spiritual growth

If there’s one thing that interrupts your day and brings it below what you would call a “good day,” it’s the absence of peace. Bad news, an attack of illness, unexpected interruptions to your schedule, and so on.

Topic: prayer peace faith
Just like in a garden, you have to be diligent to keep the weeds of doubt and unbelief out of your heart. 
Topic: prayer faith unbelief
There is power in speaking the Word of God aloud over your life and confessing that you are determined in your pursuit of THE BLESSING of God.
Topic: confession determination faith
You may not know it, but we’re at war. We’re in a spiritual battle—and we’re winning.
Topic: faith Christian Walk

Discernment is a word you often hear in Christian circles. But, what does it really mean, and how are we supposed to use it? Find out more here.

Topic: discernment faith Knowledge
When you make the decision to speak the Word as part of your daily routine, you will see a transformation in your spirit, soul and body.
Topic: confession faith word of god
Have you ever had a thought come into your mind that you didn’t like? Maybe it was rude, sinful, mean or scary. You may have even thought, Where did that come from?
Topic: thoughts bible faith
Wondering how to keep a healthy balance between secular and Christian influences? Here are simple ways to guard your heart.
Topic: hope faith influence

Have you ever faced the temptation to lose hope, grow weary and give up? Maybe you’re believing God for a miracle in your family, your body or your finances, but it’s just not happening. Has your faith failed?

Topic: hope faith prayer

If you’ve ever taken a stand of faith for healing, finances, family or any other victory, you know you have a battle on your hands. The enemy knows we were created to triumph, but he has no intention of letting us get to victory without resisting us along the way.

Topic: scriptures hope faith
If we will walk with Him, obey His Word, and follow the direction and lead of the Holy Spirit, we will enjoy the close relationship with Him that we desire.
Topic: Christian Walk faith obedience
Through these scriptures, they began their journey of getting to know the Word, getting to know Jesus…and these scriptures are just as relevant and life-changing today for you, too.
Topic: scriptures faith

During the three years of Jesus’ ministry, there was one thing that hindered His ability to work miracles more than anything else—unbelief. In Nazareth, for example, Jesus’ neighbors and childhood friends refused to accept Him.

Topic: bible faith Christian Walk
As a born-again believer, you have the ability to make that desire a reality.
Topic: faith spiritual growth beliefs

Do you ever wonder what God desires for your life? Do you want to know His perfect will for you? Do you want to know Him better so you can face your life and situations with confidence? Well, here are six truths that God wants you to know about Him and the way He operates on earth.

Topic: confidence faith bible
No matter how difficult your marriage may be right now, God can turn it around!
Topic: faith relationships marriage

People sometimes question what it means to be a faith person, to live a faith-filled life. Some refer to faith people as that “name it and claim it” bunch. They assume that we try to pass off wishful thinking as some form of Christian practice.

Topic: faith bible Christian Walk

Have you heard the good news? Healing is for today! A lot of well-meaning Christians struggle to believe that God wants to heal them. They even go so far as to believe illness is part of God’s plan for their lives. It’s a lie that the enemy happily perpetuates through the Body of Christ.

Topic: healing faith
Begin to confess the truth of His Word and apply it to your life.
Topic: bible Christian Walk faith
If you’re one of God’s children, He’s redeemed you from the curse of infertility.
Topic: children faith family

God cares about your finances! Sound surprising? Did you know that there are more than 2,000 verses in the Bible that deal with financial issues like money, greed, stewardship, debt, hard work, contentment, provision, investments and more?

Topic: bible debt faith finances words thankfulness
Have you heard about the importance of praying in faith? Have you wondered what that means and how to do it but don’t know where to begin?
Topic: prayer faith words beliefs
It’s the New Year, the perfect time to pause and get God’s perspective on the coming year.
Topic: prayer faith bible

“Understand, therefore, that the Lord your God is indeed God. He is the faithful God who keeps his covenant for a thousand generations and lavishes his unfailing love on those who love him and obey his commands.” –Deuteronomy 7:9

Topic: faith love choices
Are you standing in faith for a change in your nation? Are you asking God to move on the hearts of the men and women in authority?
Topic: faith choices words Prayers
It’s time to celebrate your new life in Christ! Think about it: By accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you joined God’s family.
Topic: salvation faith grace forgiveness love

Hebrews 11:1 defines faith as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (KJV). It is, quite simply, trusting God and His Word more than anything you can see in the natural.

Topic: faith healing trust choices salvation adversity

Are you waiting for an answer to prayer, and you don’t know what to do? You’re really trying to remain patient, but you need wisdom that can only come from the Holy Spirit. Here are six scriptural confessions to help you stand in faith while you’re waiting for your answer:

Topic: words faith bible patience peace

Do you feel like your faith could use a boost? Do you desire to be so strong in your faith that nothing the enemy sends your way distracts you from the promises of God?

Topic: faith prayer spiritual growth
Here are five scriptures and confessions to get you started as you begin standing on God’s Word for your dreams.
Topic: servanthood faith hope purpose

by Kenneth Copeland

When you hear God’s voice, when you receive His promptings in your spirit, be willing to trust Him and act on what He says. Yes, you might make a mistake, but

Topic: trust forgiveness prayer faith
As a child of God, you are not subject to fear, worry or anxiety.
Topic: faith beliefs love trust

Are you struggling with an addiction? As long as you stare at the problems in your life that keep you bound, they will always own you. When Jesus died for us on the cross, He gave us back our authority over our senses.

Topic: adversity peace faith salvation
We are going to now speak to the spirit of strife over this nation.
Topic: courage faith hope leadership strength wisdom victory
A lot of Christians think they understand what faith is. They think that if they’ve read their Bibles a few times, understand the message of salvation and believe that God can heal them (or deliver them or save them), then they are living by faith.
Topic: faith purpose beliefs jesus
You’ve heard the news: Jesus heals. But can it really be that simple? Can Jesus really heal your illnesses?
Topic: healing faith words beliefs trust truth
Speaking words of faith is a vital part of taking what God has given you.
Topic: faith words choices
Have you ever wondered what faith and love have to do with one another? How are they connected? Let’s examine this connection.
Topic: faith love choices obedience
If you could be promised success in life—in your family, in your relationships, in your work, in your school, in your church—by doing one simple thing, would you do it?
Topic: bible choices success obedience adversity faith hope peace
The idea of trusting Jesus with your finances may be a new one. If so, the Word is the first stop in finding out what it really means to trust Jesus and surrender your financial decisions to Him and His ways.
Topic: finances trust faith bible debt
He said you can have faith if you want it. He said, “Have the faith of God” (Mark 11:22). Don’t wallow in doubt and worry. Instead, obey Him. Say, “Yes, Lord. I believe. I take the faith of God and I have it now. I thank You for it!”
Topic: spiritual growth faith strength bible

Join in agreement with Kenneth Copeland as he prays for and receives the supernatural strength God promised us.

Topic: healing strength prayer faith

It’s Christmastime again, and you’re looking for ways to celebrate the real meaning of the season.

Topic: faith love jesus
Why should I read my Bible? Perhaps you’ve asked yourself that question. Perhaps you’ve read the Bible in the past without seeing much benefit.
Topic: bible choices faith new believer spiritual growth success
As simple as that may sound, we receive healing from God the same way. We take Him at His Word. We believe we are healed, not because we feel healed or look healed at this moment but because God said we are.
Topic: healing faith spiritual gifts beliefs
Without our asking Him to do it…while we were still living in sin and rebellion…Jesus paid the price for our forgiveness. With His own blood, He paid the debt we owed to God for every sinful thing we have ever done…or will ever do.
Topic: healing faith spiritual gifts beliefs
We love our pets and want God’s blessing and protection over them.
Topic: family protection healing faith

Now more than ever before, believers must pay attention to God’s instructions. We must take hold of the Word of God and refuse to let go—especially in difficult times. We must be like the writer of Psalm 119 who said: “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.

Topic: adversity bible faith victory
Your family is planning a visit? As much as you love them, sometimes the stress can feel like a little much. How can you keep your cool when family visits? Here are four tips for helping you do just that.
Topic: family Stress anxiety faith peace
When you are anxious about your job, trust God’s Word to help you pray for confidence and peace.
Topic: success anxiety fear confidence trust faith Stress
God hasn't given you a spirit of fear! Pray scripture and know God is on your side!
Topic: fear love trust praise hope emotions faith
You can trust in God’s Word to bring healing when you pray scriptures about whatever illness you are facing.
Topic: healing faith adversity courage emotions victory
Listening to the Word about prosperity will strengthen your faith! Watch as Kenneth talks about how prosperity includes so much more than just finances.
Topic: faith finances

Psalm 91 provides healing and protection promises that were written for our benefit. Follow Gloria Copeland as she encourages you to speak the Word of God and believe His love to heal and protect you.

Topic: healing faith fear protection

If you’re a born-again child of God, the Word of God says that Jesus has already provided everything you need to be healed in your physical body. In this video, Gloria Copeland teaches you how to take the healing that belongs to you!

Topic: healing faith prayer fear
Join Kenneth Copeland as he demonstrates how to believe and speak to your body for complete healing from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.
Topic: healing prayer faith beliefs
Listening to the Word about prosperity will strengthen your faith! Watch as Gloria talks about how prosperity includes so much more than just finances.
Topic: finances faith obedience beliefs
You don't have to be timid in your faith. You can be BOLD! Join Jeremy Pearsons as he shows you how you can be confident in the Lord...beyond the shadow of a doubt!
Topic: faith fear adversity healing confidence courage Christian Walk strength
Join Pastor George Pearsons and John Copeland for the top 10 proven, practical strategies you can use to receive freedom from debt!
Topic: finances debt faith
Before you can share your faith with others, you need to watch what you say—because it can affect your ability to witness. See yourself the way God sees you today…as someone with a world of possibilities available to them!
Topic: salvation faith
God has not given you a spirit of fear! Fear is the #1 reason believers don’t share their faith. In this video, discover what the Bible says about fear and how you can get rid of it so you can share Jesus with boldness.
Topic: salvation fear faith love
Faith and patience are a powerful team when it comes to resisting attacks from the enemy.
Topic: faith
Don't give the enemy any entrance into your life. Your faith is activated by love!
Topic: faith love
Your faith-filled words are important! Make sure you are speaking only those things you want to see come to pass.
Topic: faith
You have to apply the force of faith in order to reap the benefits of it!
Topic: faith
Faith makes the impossible, possible. It gives us access to the kingdom of God!
Topic: faith spiritual growth
Faith is a powerful force. Start receiving by faith and watch God move on your behalf!
Topic: faith Christian Walk new believer
Our faith is connected to the blessings God has for us: That includes salvation, healing and prosperity. Pray this prayer as you learn to live by faith!
Topic: faith prayer Christian Walk
Be confident in your prayers, because God is faithful!
Topic: prayer faith
Discouraged by your circumstances? You can experience change through the power of prayer.
Topic: love prayer faith
Spiritually speaking, unforgiveness is downright dangerous. It will make your spirit feeble and your prayers ineffective.
Topic: forgiveness faith obedience
God will partner with you in raising your kids! Pray this prayer over them today.
Topic: prayer relationships children faith
Pray according to God's Word when you give, and receive the promised harvest on your seed sown.
Topic: faith prayer
Ego is the cheap imitation of faith. It is confidence in yourself as a person.
Topic: faith servanthood wisdom
God is calling people from all denominations to live a life of power.
Topic: faith spiritual growth bible healing
You can live out your faith in front of your unsaved family members with power and truth today!
Topic: faith evangelism family
It’s time for all Christians to stand against the devil and all his mischief, and take their rightful place.
Topic: faith strength victory
We have to deal with the dangers around us. Whether it feels good or not. Whether it looks pretty or not. We have a part to play.
Topic: faith peace Stress anxiety fear
Don’t let stress keep you from having an abundant life. Implement these five steps and get your life moving in the right direction!
Topic: faith anxiety Stress
What you receive depends on your faith, and faith is not passive. Faith is a receiver, an appropriator, a taker. It reaches out and takes what God offers.
Topic: faith
God has dealt to every man THE measure of faith. The measure you were given when you received Jesus as Lord was enough to cause you to be born again. It is enough to bring victory over anything the world can throw at you.
Topic: faith
As a born-again believer, you have residing within your spirit the faith of God. Your faith has the potential to produce the same results that Jesus produced in His earthly ministry (John 14:12).
Topic: faith
When we made Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives the faith of Almighty God came to live within us. As believers, we grow faith!
Topic: faith new believer
Always remember the enemy does not have any weapon or device greater than our faith. God has given you His Word, so you can have confidence that your prayers will be answered. Believe that the things you say and pray will come to pass.
Topic: prayer faith
Your prayers can be effective in interceding for your family and friends. Use this prayer to help you.
Topic: faith prayer
Faith is powerful, and so are the words you speak. Use the force of faith, combined with the power of your words to speak to your situation and trust God to move on your behalf.
Topic: faith
When you hear, study, believe and confess God's Word, your faith continues to grow.
Topic: faith
Jesus said your well developed faith will be powerful enough to move mountains - every obstacle - in your life!
Topic: faith
Your faith will bring to pass the things you are believing for in your life.
Topic: faith
These scriptures will build your faith and give you a strong foundation in understanding all that God has provided you by faith.
Topic: faith
If you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting from your prayers, there’s a word in the Bible that can help you: receive.
Topic: prayer faith forgiveness
Unanswered prayer is not the result of God’s unwillingness to use His power, but because of hindrances we allow to overcome us. Read about them here.
Topic: prayer faith forgiveness
Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have witnessed the truth of these steps throughout their lives and ministry.
Topic: healing faith
You can have peace, regardless of what is going on around you. Consider these steps for implementing God’s peace in your life.
Topic: anxiety healing faith prayer

Once you hear the Word of God and decide to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, there is no power that can stop the change taking place on the inside of you. It is the same way with healing. You receive everything from the Lord the same way—by faith.

Topic: healing faith
So many born-again believers miss out on the world-overcoming victory that’s theirs in Christ Jesus.
Topic: spiritual growth meditation Christian Walk wisdom faith truth bible
Leave it to Jesus to solve today’s complex problems with a scripture so simple even a child can understand it, and so broad it covers every possible situation, including believing for your unsaved spouse’s salvation—“Have faith in God” (Mark 11:22).
Topic: relationships family faith
Walking by faith can be as natural as breathing. Choose today to live by faith and not fear.
Topic: spiritual growth prayer faith
Every time you sit down with the Lord to study His Word, pray and expect revelation to flow easily into your heart!
Topic: spiritual growth prayer bible Christian Walk faith
Use these scriptures to help you live the life God has planned for you—the life of victory!
Topic: faith success
Get your heart in agreement with God's Word and live by faith!
Topic: spiritual growth faith trust
God is on your side! Use these confessions to guide your Bible study time.
Topic: spiritual growth faith
Make what God says the authority in your life. You shouldn’t just believe what God says to you in His Word, but you should also act on it. Acting on it is what produces results.
Topic: faith bible Christian Walk meditation obedience spiritual growth success wisdom truth salvation
Discover 18 Bible verses about wealth and prosperity--financial scriptures for increase that can make all the difference!
Topic: finances faith
God's Word provides you with insight into His will regarding your finances. Allow these scriptures to change the way you handle your finances.
Topic: finances faith debt anxiety
Read Gloria Copeland's testimony about how she and Kenneth believed for a new car.
Topic: finances faith
If you are like 40% of American families, who spend more than they earn, you have probably spoken those words. Learn how to become debt free today.
Topic: finances anxiety faith

Traditionally, the Church has been led to believe that prosperity is bad or ungodly.

Topic: finances faith
Read about the seven principles Kenneth and Gloria followed to lay a foundation for a prosperous life.
Topic: finances faith
There's no greater weapon than your faith! Put it into action today with this powerful prayer.
Topic: finances anxiety protection peace faith

Become aware of the impact your words have on your life. Speak God’s Word and His plan over yourself, or else learn the vocabulary of silence. Your life will change for the better.

Topic: faith sin truth healing