Kenneth Copeland’s “I Am Healed” Confessions
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Kenneth Copeland Confessions

Words aren’t meaningless or powerless in your life. They have creative power, just as God demonstrated when He created the heavens and the earth with His words. Now, you have the authority to do the same thing here on earth.

If you’re battling sickness or disease, or want to stay in divine health, you can take control of your life by getting control of your tongue. The following are Kenneth Copeland’s “I Am Healed” Confessions, taken from a Victory Campaign when the anointing came upon him to help people receive healing. You can speak these confessions any time and receive the same powerful effect!

Say this out loud:

“I’m going to release my faith right now. I stir it up! I have the faith of God in me. All things are possible to me because I’m a believer. I’m not a doubter. I’m a receiver. I’m a believer. I have it now. I release the faith given to me by The LORD Jesus Christ Himself: My Savior. My LORD. My Melchizedek. The High Priest of my life."

“I release my faith. I release it against sin, death, the curse, sickness, disease, poverty, lack, debt. Leave my presence. Take your hands off my body. Release my mind. Release my will. Release my emotions. You will not touch my spirit. Release my finances. Release my family."

“I pray the prayer of faith that whatsoever things I desire when I pray, which is right now, I believe I receive them. It is done for me now!"

“I receive total freedom in my head. I receive healing, deliverance and all that Jesus has ever done."

“My eyes are healed. My ears are healed. My brain is healed and delivered from all foreign matter. Any chemicals that have worked their way into my body from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet are removed, dematerialized and gone from my body. I am free from the law of sin and death. The Son of the living God has made me free, and I am a free person."

“My throat is healed. My chest is healed. My lungs are healed. My esophagus is healed. Nothing can stay in the vital organs of my body except the healing power of Jesus. My arms are healed. My hands are healed. Every joint in my body is renewed, restored and delivered from disease, weakness and pain."

“I’m healed. My kidneys are healed. My spine is healed, from my brain stem completely to the end of my spine. The disks, nerves and muscles are all healed and made well. My backbone is restored. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s in the 103rd Psalm. My hips are well. My hip joints are restored. My knees are well. They are restored. Every part of my legs, including my ankles, my feet, the bones of my feet and legs, muscles, ligaments, and nerves, are restored and made well."

“I believe I receive it right now. It’s not based on what I feel. It’s not based on what I see. It is based on this message of faith. It’s based on the written oath of God. It is mine, and I am His forever more. I am a (man or woman) of faith, love and joy. Faith, hope and love are working in me now. Why? Because I’m BLESSED. I am BLESSED coming in, and I’m blessed going out."

“THE BLESSING is working in me now. The Garden of Eden effect is at work. The anointing that removes burdens and destroys yokes is working in me—spirit, soul and body. I will come to complete wholeness and wellness."

“I will stand in the full stature with my LORD Jesus Christ, anointed with His Anointing, healed with His resurrection. And my prayer and desire is to know Him in fullness—to serve Him in power and to know Him in the power of His resurrection."

“Thank God, I am healed from the top of my head to the soles of my feet and in all the affairs of my life. I’m whole! I’m whole! I’m debt free!”


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