Brother Copeland’s Confessions for Youth Renewal
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At 84 years old, as of December 2020, Kenneth Copeland is a picture of living long and strong on the earth through the promises of God. He can do more pushups than most 20-year-olds, hold a plank position for three minutes, and walk faster than any staff member can keep up with! He travels around the world with seemingly no trouble and preaches a packed-out schedule each year—and that’s to say nothing of his sharp mind and ever-ready sense of humor.

He’s set a goal of living to 120, and we know he’ll make it! One reason? He’s determined to take God at His Word. (Psalm 91:16; Romans 8:11; Isaiah 40:31 just to name a few)
Aside from exercising almost daily and eating extremely healthy, Brother Copeland knows the importance of renewing his mind and speaking ONLY the Word of God concerning his health and life. If there’s ever been an example to follow—it’s his!

We want to help you enjoy the kind of health and longevity God desires for you. Here, we’re sharing Brother Copeland’s confessions for youth renewal you can speak in faith!

“I serve the Almighty God, and according to His WORD and the covenant blood of Jesus, I call my body well. I call my life good. I call myself debt free. I call myself well and healed. I call my head well. I call my eyes well. I call my nose well. I call my sinuses well. I call my ears well. I call my neck well. All the bones in my neck are well. I call pain gone in the Name of Jesus. I call my throat well.  According to The WORD of God, according to His blood, I will never have the flu again. I don’t have the flu; I have a covenant. I don’t have colds; I have a covenant—a blood covenant, a healing covenant with the Most High God. He’s my God, and I serve Him. He’s my God, and I trust Him. I am well. I call my body well. I call my shoulder well. My shoulders are well. I call my arms well. This elbow joint is well. These finger joints are well. I call my right arm well. This right elbow does not have inflammation in it. I call my right elbow well. Satan, get your hands off my elbow. You’re a zero, and I’m well. My lungs are well. I call my stomach well. I call my heart well." 

“I call my liver well. Liver, God loves you, and I love you, and you’re well. My liver and the rest of me belong to Jesus. His liver is well, and my liver is well. I have a living liver. All my living liver is well."
“I call my intestines well. I call my lower abdomen well. My colon is well, and all the lower parts of my body are well, strong and in good shape. I call my hips well. I call my SI joints well. I call my lower back well. I call my lower back pain free, because my God has taken sickness from the midst of me. It says so in the book of Exodus 23:25-26: ‘He has taken sickness from the midst of me and the length of my days, He will fulfill.’ The length of my 120 years, He will fulfill."
“I call my legs well. I call my knees well. I call my thighs well. I call my sciatic nerves well. I call my toes well. I call my ankles well. My feet are well."
“I feel good, I feel fine; body, get in line. I rejoice for the King of kings and The LORD of lords has declared me well. His Father, the Almighty God, has called me well."
“I believe, I will, I take it, I have a well body. I thank You for it, I praise You for it, and I forgive if I have anything against anyone. I’m well from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I am well.”

Glory to God! If you don’t pick up a new spring in your step and feel set on fire after that, your wood is wet, as Brother Copeland would say. Get in the habit of speaking words of longevity and supernatural health over your body. It’s time to start expecting to live long and strong!

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