Top 3 Ways to Jump-Start Your Faith
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You need something, don’t you? Healing, a miracle in your finances, a relationship repaired, or maybe wisdom and direction? Each of us face needs or desires daily, and thankfully, God has already made provision for those things. All we have to do is receive them by faith!

Sounds simple, right?

Yes and no. All you need is faith, but mountain-moving faith doesn’t just happen automatically. No, your faith must be developed. Once you build your faith, it will become easier to maintain. What’s the key to doing this? LOVE.

Not what you were expecting to hear, right?

Most people want to say a simple prayer, read their Bibles long enough, or attend a powerful meeting and—poof!—mountain-moving faith. You probably know by now—it doesn’t work that way. Faith works by love. That’s what Galatians 5:6 says. And God is Love, so it’s really no surprise.

So, if you want to get moving toward victory and keep your faith running at full throttle, start with these top three ways to jump-start your faith.

1. Jump-Start Your Faith by Believing God Loves You

Now, before you say, “Oh, I know God loves me,” stop and think. Most Christians would say that, but they don’t really believe it. They just mentally agree with John 3:16. To believe in God’s love is to have faith in His love to forgive every sin, heal every sickness and disease, deliver you from every trying situation, and provide for every material need in your life.

That’s a little more than we normally think of, isn’t it?

Believing that God loves you enough to do all these things is not a matter of the head, but of the heart. In fact, it’s a spiritual revelation. If you want to jump-start your faith and receive those things you thought of at the beginning of this article, you’ve got to have a revelation of God’s love for YOU. 


The renewing of the mind, which means meditating on the Word of God—specifically on scriptures that have to do with the love of God. Learn to believe God loves you and understand the depth of that love. He sacrificed His own Son to redeem you. It doesn’t get any more powerful than that.

Finally, ask God to help you to get the revelation of His love. You are a unique person with a unique way of thinking—God knows that because He created you that way! He is the One who can help you learn to believe.

Kenneth Copeland says, “You’ll never perfect the love of God in your life to any degree without faith in His love.”

2. Jump-Start Your Faith by Receiving His Love for You

Now, knowing about God’s love for you is one thing, but receiving it is something entirely different. Many Christians believe that God loves them but fail to fully receive it because they feel unworthy. They think about their past, their sins, their background and their current mistakes, until all of a sudden, they can’t think about anything but their lack of worthiness to receive the countless amazing things God is offering.

The problem?

This way of thinking is self-focused.

Anytime you take your eyes off Jesus and what He’s done for you—you’re in trouble. Don’t exalt yourself and your own life mistakes—exalt the King of kings and Lord of lords. He is worthy of praise, glory and honor. He is worthy of having the gift He sacrificed to give you received with thanksgiving. 

Receiving His love for you will jump-start your faith so fast! When you genuinely receive His love, you’ll receive everything that comes with it, which is—well, everything.

3. Jump-Start Your Faith by Giving Love to Others

If you haven’t believed and received God’s love, how are you supposed to give it away? And if you aren’t giving it away, you’re in disobedience to His Word. And if you’re in disobedience, you aren’t in position to receive. Vicious cycle, isn’t it?

The winning game plan is to press in, and refuse to quit until you believe and receive God’s love. Then, make giving His love away your aim. Once you’re filled with God’s love, you’ll find it comes more naturally all the time.

Try this: Speak 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 out loud, only replace the words love and it with the word I. Then come back, and we’ll talk about why.

Feel any different? You should. Now, let’s shout out verse 8 again: “I NEVER FAIL!” But, wait! We have to add the phrase “as long as I believe the love and walk in it.”

You can jump-start your faith when you begin to walk in love toward others. Write the verses you just spoke on a 3-by-5-inch card, and place it in your Bible where you’ll see it every day. Make confessing this a part of your daily routine. When you do, you WILL be transformed by the renewing of your mind, and you WILL jump-start your faith.

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When you put these three ways to jump-start your faith into practice, buckle your seatbelt—you’re about to move at a very rapid pace toward victory. It will come so quickly and so abundantly, “you won’t have enough room to take it in”! (Malachi 3:10). Can you handle that? 


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