3 Steps to A Miracle
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Do you need a miracle? Maybe you’re at the end of yourself in your finances with no way out. Or, perhaps, you’ve tried every doctor, medicine, supplement and diet you can get your hands on, and you’re still sick and needing healing in your body. What about your family? Is that where you need a miracle—with your marriage or your kids?

A miracle is something that is impossible with man. It is a manifestation of God’s power that makes it possible. Whatever your need today—God is in the miracle business, and He has a miracle in mind for YOU. He loves you. He doesn’t want you sick, broke or without something you desire in your life. He’s always ready to do a miracle. Always.

So, why don’t miracles just happen? Faith is what opens the flow of signs, miracles and wonders. Real faith has an expectancy. So, as faith rises, the flow of the Holy Spirit gets stronger, and miracles will flow more and more. But when people stop expecting, they dry up. That’s why we don’t see as many miracles in the Church—people aren’t expecting to see them.

But miracles are the realm we were made for. When people say, “That’s going to take a miracle”—that’s our realm. That’s God’s natural operation.

It isn’t that God sometimes decides to do miracles and sometimes He doesn’t. No. He is always ready to do a miracle. Sometimes people are perceptive, and sometimes they’re not. Sometimes the faith is flowing, and sometimes it’s not.

If you need a miracle in your life, it’s waiting for you. You don’t have to turn the Holy Spirit off and on—He’s always in you, and He’s always on! There is a constant, unlimited, unceasing flow from the throne of God. At the 2018 Southwest Believers’ Convention, Keith Moore shared these three steps to a miracle:

1. You must hear from God.

This is the most important step, and one that many people try to skip. Then, they wonder why they don’t see a manifestation in their lives. This cannot be overstated: You cannot rush past this step—you must hear from God.

That’s why you can tarry and tarry, and not receive your miracle. When you seek Him about your situation, and if you’re really in faith, you’ll hear from Him. He is faithful.

You can hear from Him through the Word of God or by the Spirit of God speaking to your spirit. But you have to come believing. When you need healing, you can know that it is God’s will for you because it is in the Word of God. Jesus paid a lot for you to be healed. Think about it. He didn’t have to go to the whipping post to go to the Cross. But He did so that “by His stripes we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5, NKJV).

Keith Moore said this, “Every time the scourge hit Him, something spiritual happened because every disease and malady was laid on Him. He was hit with the cause and source of that disease. He took it all. That’s why you don’t even have to get the right diagnosis before you can be healed because you already know He personally took the source of every disease.”

So, healing is in the Word of God, and you can know that it is His will to perform a healing miracle in your body, but you still need to hear personally from Him about your specific situation.

Whether it is revelation from the Word of God or a direct speaking to your spirit, wait until you hear from Him. This is the critical first step to receiving your miracle.

There is no substitute to hearing from Him personally.

2. Do whatever God told you to do when you heard from Him.

When you hear from the Lord, He will give you an instruction—something He wants you to do to receive your miracle. That is always how God has worked.

Think about the timing of when miracles manifested in the Bible. Jesus gave instructions and when they were acted upon, the miracle occurred. When Jesus healed the man with leprosy, He said, “Stretch out your hand” (Matthew 12:13, NKJV). When did the miracle happen exactly? When the man stretched out his hand. “Go, wash in the pool” (John 9:7). “Fill the jars with water” (John 2:7). “Pick up your mat and walk” (John 5:8). Instruction always preceded a miracle.

In his teaching, Keith Moore explains why instruction always preceded a miracle. He said, “God in His graciousness has allowed us to be a partner in the working of miracles.”

But you have to be listening, seeking and expecting to hear from Him. Then, act on what He says. You won’t see a miracle if you’re lying on the couch and making confessions if He told you to get up! If He says straighten your leg, do it. If He tells you to run across the room, do it. If He tells you to sow a seed, do it. Whatever He told you to do when you heard from Him, the next step is to act on it.

Now, don’t try to work something up in your mind to do. If you haven’t heard from Him yet, wait! You will. Then, when you hear from Him, do it!

3. He does it.

You don’t even have to do anything in this step except receive! When you do your part—the first two steps—God does His part—the manifestation.

Every miracle comes by the same process, whether it be healing, finances or relationships. God still manifests the working of miracles today. He never changes. Men get cold, stop believing and lose access to the miracles. But as soon as people start believing, miracles come again.

The key with every step is expecting. Are you expecting miracles? Build your faith in the Word of God, start expecting, then follow these three steps to a miracle and prepare to see a manifestation!

Article Source: Keith Moore, 2018 Southwest Believers' Convention.


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