3 Ways to Act As If It’s Done
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If you’re familiar with the four-step process of receiving God’s promises by faith, you know you must:

1. Believe
2. Speak
3. Act
4. Receive

To believe requires developing faith through hearing and hearing and hearing the Word of God. Speaking right words is the fruit of faith, but still requires practice and the development of new habits. But once you’ve mastered the first two steps, it can be easy to freeze up on the third step—acting as if what you’re believing for is already done.

Why is this important? Because faith believes before it sees the manifestation. And when you really believe something—you’ll act like it!

Still, knowing how to act like what you’ve prayed and believed for is done can be a challenge. Here, we’re sharing three ways to act as if it’s done to help you get to the fourth and most important step—receiving!

1. Pray the Prayer of Thanksgiving

If you believe you’ve received when you pray, you act as if it’s done by thanking the Lord for it before you see it. When you pray the prayer of thanksgiving, it is an act of faith. 

Kenneth Copeland says, “Praise is the big gun of faith.” 

When the storms of life are thundering around us, if we’ll just stop right in the middle of it all and give thanks, it will keep us standing strong.

Of course, it takes faith to do that. Anybody can give thanks after God moves. No doubt, all the unbelieving folks around Lazarus’ tomb were praising and thanking God after their once-dead friend came walking out in his grave clothes. But Jesus gave thanks beforehand. And if we’re going to see the miraculous power of God in our lives, that’s what we, too, must do.

Don’t wait until things get better or your promise appears to be on the horizon—pray the prayer of thanksgiving even when your situation seems hopeless.

2. Don’t Create a Plan B

Common sense will tell you that you should expect the best but plan for the worst. The problem? That’s not faith! To act as if God’s promise is already yours, you won’t create a Plan B, just in case it doesn’t happen. Why? Because you know it’s yours NOW in the spirit and right around the corner in the natural.

There is no Plan B in the Kingdom. God is not the God of Plan B—He’s the God of victory!

3. Take a Tangible Step of Faith 

You’ve prayed, believed, and are speaking right words. Now what? Take a tangible step of faith toward your particular promise. For example:

• If you’re believing for a new car, clean out your garage.

• If you’re believing for a new job, put together a new work wardrobe.

• If you’re believing to have children, choose boy and girl names or start purchasing clothes and blankets.

• If you’re believing to sell your home, start packing!

When you take a tangible step of faith, you’re acting as if what you’ve prayed for is already done. And that’s the kind of faith that leads to a manifestation.

When you act as if what you’ve prayed and believed for is done, you’re setting yourself up for a manifestation! Don’t wait until you see natural evidence to act on your promise. Have faith—and act like you know it’s yours!


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