The Hebrew Name for God, Yud Hey Vav Hey, means “too much to contain or comprehend.

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It never fails.

Crisis happens and people pull together—to find hope, to find help, to find out how they can lend a hand. It’s human nature to gather during those times.

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Feeling out of energy or tired after a long fight of faith is nothing new. Maybe you’re there now.

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Do you seem to have more month than money? Wondering how you’ll save for retirement or get out of debt?

Don’t allow your current circumstances to call the shots. It’s time to take back your power with these 5 Simple Habits to Increase Your Finances.

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There aren’t many things that can cause more stress and anxiety than financial pressure. It can be an all-consuming worry during the day and keep you up all night. 

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Are you in the circle? Psalm 34:7 tells us that when we put our relationship with God first place, we will live in a circle of BLESSING that no demon can penetrate, no worldly situation or circumstance can overcome, and no enemy can break down.
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One nation under God. That’s who we are. With privilege becomes responsibility (Luke 12:48).

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Contending for healing and remaining in divine health can feel like a roller coaster ride. One day you’re feeling strong and ready for the fight, the next day you feel a symptom, still haven’t received what you’re believing for, and you’re tempted to give up.

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When you need healing—you need faith! To activate and grow your faith for healing, the Word of God is a powerful tool in getting the truth down inside your spirit. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God—over and over and over.


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Learn how to take authority over your life with these 31 scriptures about the power of your words!


Words. Use them right and they’ll move mountains. Use them wrong and they can cause your entire life to go up in smoke.

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You can change your circumstances by saying this, not that! Learn to choose and speak the right words and change your future!


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