How to Renew Your Hope
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Have you ever faced the temptation to lose hope, grow weary and give up? Maybe you’re believing God for a miracle in your family, your body or your finances, but it’s just not happening. Has your faith failed?

No, this is not the failure of your faith…it is a breakdown of your hope.

What is hope? Real Bible hope involves supernatural expectancy. It’s not based on wishing or wanting—it is based on your covenant with God and the promises in His Word. Just knowing God’s promises isn’t enough, though. Hope comes when you begin to see yourself with what God has promised you, instead of seeing yourself without it. If you’ve grown weary while standing in faith for God’s promises, don’t give up! You can renew your hope, so that you have faith and strength to receive everything God has promised you.

Below are some simple ways to renew your hope and to stand strong in faith regarding whatever you’re believing for:

  • Make prayer and quiet time with the Lord a priority every day. Set an unbreakable appointment with God, so that you can worship, read His Word and pray. This is personal time with the Lord that allows you to commune and talk with Him, and also a time for you to hear directly from Him. For tips on how to improve your prayer life, click here.
  • Surround yourself with people of hope and faith. When you’re standing in faith for your healing and confessing healing scriptures all day every day, these people will encourage you to stand strong. People who are highly developed in unbelief will more likely encourage you to give up.
  • Keep the Word of God in your eyes and ears as many hours as possible each day, and keep anything against His Word out! Go on a fast from news and secular media, and totally immerse yourself in God’s Word.  Satan is peddling fear and doubt, but if you keep your attention on God’s Word, you won’t be exposed to any of it!

    The VICTORY Channel and our podcast are great ways to keep the Word going 24/7.
  • Refuse to quit. That’s the secret of those who make it to victory. They will not give up—no matter what circumstances may come their way. Now, you be the one who doesn’t quit, and you’ll see what you’re believing God for come to pass.
  • Mix faith, hope and love. It’s the secret sauce! If you’re missing or short on one ingredient, purpose to spend time in the Word and with the Lord to strengthen this area. Memorize scriptures specific to faith, hope or love—or all three!

If you’ve been facing a delayed manifestation and need to renew your hope, put these tips into practice. Before long, you will be standing strong and won’t be distracted by natural circumstances. You’ll have an expectancy that keeps your faith alive until those things you are believing for are pulled from the spiritual realm into the natural. You will be on your way to receiving your harvest!


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