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4 Ways to Start Walking in Love Today

The path to victory is one we all must walk to arrive at our destination. Of course, most of us would really like to skip right to the end without making all the necessary stops. But it doesn’t work that way! To receive from God and see breakthrough in our lives, we must first follow the path laid out for us in the Word of God.

Your first stop on the path to victory is—LOVE. Keeping God’s commands is a prerequisite to receiving from Him, and God says love is keeping His commandments. But God has done more than require love—He’s given you instructions so you can know how to love as He loves. 

All you have to do is follow what He says, and you’ll be walking in love.

If you’ve made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, you’ve already taken the first step of obedience. The love of God has been born within you. But, unless you decide to take steps to develop it, that love will remain hidden within you. 

Love is a decision! In fact, it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Here are four ways you can start walking in love today.

1. Decide to forgive.

One of the most important aspects of the love walk is forgiveness. You simply can’t walk in love toward others if you are holding onto bitterness and grudges. Spiritually speaking, unforgiveness is downright dangerous. It will make your spirit feeble and your prayers ineffective. Unforgiveness will pull the plug on your faith so completely that you won’t have enough power to move the molehills in your life—much less the mountains. 

So, decide today to forgive anyone whom you haven’t yet, and determine to instantly forgive those who cause you harm in the future. When you do, you’ll keep the door wide open for blessing!

2.Decide to hold your tongue.

Love isn’t rude or critical. It doesn’t need to tell everyone what it thinks all the time. That’s why Proverbs 10:19 tells us, “Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut.” In other words, if you don’t say anything, you’re less likely to fall into sin and step out of love.

Choose today to change how you talk. Refuse to criticize anyone or gossip. Let your words be edifying only. Be a blessing!


3.Decide to believe the best.

Love believes the best about others. You can decide today to start looking at people the way God does. Don’t assume the person rushing past you at the airport is being rude—perhaps he has a family emergency or is about to miss his flight. Don’t assume the person who looks at you a certain way is someone you won’t like or is untrustworthy. And don’t take gossip at face value. Every story sounds true until you hear the other side (Proverbs 18:17). Begin today to believe the best about others, and watch as your love grows!

4.Decide to not get offended.

What do you do or say when someone cuts you off in traffic? What about when someone criticizes you or speaks rudely to you? Being offended can actually become a habit in your life if you don’t pay attention. Without knowing it, you’ll be on the lookout for those who might dare to offend you. Don’t be that person!

The love line is very narrow. The devil wants to get you off it, so he can take what’s yours. Don’t let him! Remember, taking offense never comes from God. He says we’re to be rooted and grounded in love. So, reject those feelings of offense. Give yourself to that person in love and in prayer. You’ll be able to walk right on through that situation without ever stumbling at all. No matter what—stay on the love line!

When you put these four tips into practice, you’ll become more and more proficient at walking in love and be one step closer to VICTORY. It will keep the airways clear for your prayers and open the door to the supernatural. More importantly, you’ll find you have a newfound peace and joy in your heart—one that will fuel your love for years to come!


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