Part of the watering, tending and harvesting process includes speaking right words over your seed.
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Begin today with this confession to live above only and not beneath.
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There aren’t many things that can cause more stress and anxiety than financial pressure. It can be an all-consuming worry during the day and keep you up all night. 

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Obeying God and staying in His will requires spiritual effort—but has the greatest payoff of any work you could ever do on earth! Above all, it should be our honor to obey God and please Him in all things.

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If you’re believing for a harvest in your life—whether it be healing, finances, family or all three—once you’ve planted seed, your job isn’t over! God has given us a process of seedtime and harvest. During the time between planting and harvesting, it’s important not to neglect that seed. 

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The laws of faith apply to every area of life—spiritual, mental, physical, financial, relational and professional. 
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The Bible is clear about the power of the Name! Yet, most Christians don’t seem to put much stock in it.
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One nation under God. That’s who we are. With privilege becomes responsibility (Luke 12:48).

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If you feel like you’ve been living at the bottom of the barrel, struggling to make ends meet, putting things back on the shelf at the grocery store, and praying you’ll have enough just to pay your bills—you aren’t living the life Jesus died to give you! 

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The key to your success lies in consistency. Consistency in what you say, what you believe and how you stand. T
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There is power in speaking the Word of God aloud over your life and confessing that you are determined in your pursuit of THE BLESSING of God.
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When you make the decision to speak the Word as part of your daily routine, you will see a transformation in your spirit, soul and body.
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When do you walk in love? All the time.
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How can you guard your heart against the barrage of fear and negativity? Keep your faith in action every day.
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