7 Points of Intercession To Pray as a Church
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As powerful as individual prayer can be, there’s something that happens when people come together in a spirit of faith to pray that can only happen in a corporate setting. Not just in an atmosphere where people are reciting a prayer in unison—that’s religious habit—but coming together in one accord to move heaven to earth and impact the world around us as one Body.

The local church has the power to change the atmosphere of its city, nation and world. United prayer in the local church can move mountains and set signs, miracles and wonders in motion.

If you lead prayer in your church, or want to become involved in doing so, the following are 7 Points of Intercession To Pray as a Church. While there are many others, these points will always be needed and are a response to stewarding the land God has given us to watch over.

  1.  Pray For Unity in Your Church. This is the place to begin your intercession, and it is critical. That’s because if you don’t have unity in your church, your prayers won’t be unified either. Strife negates the prayer of agreement (James 3:16), so pray for unity in your church so your prayers will be of one accord and release the power of the Holy Ghost.
  2. Pray for Your City. The city where your church is located is spiritually your responsibility—your congregation has been made a steward over it (Joshua 1:3). That’s why it’s so critical that you intercede for your city. And make no mistake, it makes a HUGE difference. There was a church whose members spent time worshipping and ministering on the streets of San Francisco, and police officers informed them that whenever they were there, NO crime occurred—none!
  3. Pray for Your Nation. Your personal peace depends on the peace of your city and nation (Jeremiah 29:7). Did you know that? The laws of the land, whether righteous or unrighteous, are the responsibility of praying, voting believers. We’re called to intercede, repent and humble ourselves before the Lord for our nation, and we must do so corporately as a local body (2 Chronicles 7:14).
  4. Pray for Government Leaders. According to 1 Timothy 2:1-6, we are to pray for ALL leaders, not just the ones we like. Our interceding as a united body can turn the heart of the king toward righteousness, and he or she won’t even know why!
  5. Pray for the Mountains of Influence. Media, education, business, government, arts and entertainment, religion and family. It’s no secret that ungodly voices are shouting from the top of these mountains, and we have a responsibility to intercede for each area of influence and take dominion over them. (Learn more about the 7 Mountains of Influence HERE.)
  6. Pray for Revival. Revival begins when people turn to God. It breaks forth from intercessory prayer, and continues when people repent and no longer tolerate sin in their lives. Revival happens wherever the Word of God prevails. Miracles, signs and wonders happen wherever the Word of God prevails. Hearts and lives are changed wherever the Word of God prevails. The Bible says God works with and confirms His Word with signs following (Mark 16:20). Look in the Word of God, and you will find the life that revival brings. If people pray and dig into the Word of God, which is life to them, revival will come and remain. Revival will become an ongoing way of life.

  7. Pray for Pastors. The devil is out to destroy pastors. And our often critical and unreasonable expectations of them only help his efforts. Pastors who are called to the ministry are in a vulnerable position, and they need our intercession to support and uplift them. We, as the Church, should be holding up their arms in prayer to prevent weariness and to stand against any schemes of the devil. Satan, you can’t have our pastors! Always lift up your pastors in your time of corporate prayer (1 Thessalonians 5:11).

When you use these seven points of intercession as a local church body, you are stepping into the place of authority and dominion ordained by God. There is so much power when we come together in prayer. Let’s rise up and take our place as the Church!


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