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Prayer: Speak

Speak the Word in prayer!

Use the power of your words, combined with what God has written in His Word. Change your circumstances and get the results you’re seeking through prayer, right now! 

6 Scriptural Confessions to Help You Stand in Faith

Are you waiting for an answer to prayer, and you don’t know what to do? You’re really trying to remain patient, but you need wisdom that can only come from the Holy Spirit. Here are six scriptural confessions to help you stand in faith while you’re waiting for your answer: 

Confession for Relaxing When Anxiety Strikes

You can relax and be at peace when anxiety strikes by praying God’s Word!

Commitment to Prayer

Commit today to start making prayer a priority in your life!

A Confession for Praying With Confidence

Be confident in your prayers, because God is faithful!

A Confession that Prayer Changes Things

Discouraged by your circumstances? You can experience change through the power of prayer.

Topics: Love, Prayer, Faith

Receive Your Complete Healing!

Pray this prayer for your health and healing--spirit, soul and body--because God wants you well!

Topics: Prayer, Healing

You have VICTORY over natural disasters - FEAR NOT!

Agree with Brother Copeland for the peace and provision of the Lord during times of natural disasters.

Topics: Prayer, Fear, Victory, Anxiety

A Harmonious Marriage

Pray this prayer, purposing to live in agreement, harmony, peace and power toward each other...for a strong marriage!

Topics: Prayer, Peace, Family

A Confession for Getting Your Prayers Answered

Your prayers make a difference! Speak this confession about your prayers today.

Topics: Prayer