Declarations of Faith for Finances, Healing and Relationships
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Declarations of Faith

Start building your faith today by speaking these declarations of faith for your finances, healing and relationships.

Do you need to receive something from the Lord today? Healing, provision, reconciliation? While seeking God first paves the path to receiving the promises (Matthew 6:33), we need fully persuaded faith that declares with our mouths that we receive what we need.

However, you can speak words of faith and not be fully persuaded. That’s just spitting words out of your mouth. But if you keep talking faith until it gets down into your heart, eventually those seeds you’ve planted will begin to grow. Then, you will become fully persuaded that God will do what He said He would do. That’s when you start seeing results.

Start building your faith today by speaking these declarations of faith for your finances, healing and relationships.

1. Finances

Let’s say you need $2,000 by Wednesday.  If you start thinking there’s no way you’re going to get $2,000, stop yourself. Start training yourself to become fully persuaded.

Say: “My God shall meet my needs according to His riches in glory (Philippians 4:19), Wednesday or no Wednesday. It doesn't make any difference to me where He has to go get it. I am fully persuaded that my God is able and willing; I am standing on His Word and I am standing on faith!”

2. Healing

If you need healing in your body, but you keep feeling symptoms day after day after day—don’t give up! Don’t give in and start believing natural circumstances. When you believe you receive your healing, you take it. You talk to your body. You talk to your body all the time. Do you have a pain? Don't just run and tell someone, “Oh, I’m hurting again. I’m hurting again.” No! 

Say: “You're healed, body. I’m healed. Pain, you get out of my body!  You’re not staying on my body. I’m not having any sickness and disease. I rebuke this sickness off my body.  I’ll not tolerate it. Jesus said He bore my sicknesses and carried my diseases, and I am healed.” 

You know, it's kind of fun once you get the hang of it. You just kind of feel like I’ve got this. I can do this. Believe you receive it. “I take this healing now in Jesus’ Name.” Lay hands on yourself and say, “I'm healed from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.”

3. Relationships

Whether you’re believing for a relative to be born again or for a broken relationship to be restored, first you need to become fully persuaded that it is God’s will for you. Keep declaring it in faith to build your faith until you become fully persuaded!

Say: “I declare by faith that every member of my family will come into the kingdom of God—be born again, Spirit filled and living in victory. I declare by faith that I am patient and kind. I am not rude, self-seeking or easily angered. I declare a turnaround in my relationship with ______. The light of Christ is shining through me and this relationship is restored in Jesus’ Name.”

When you speak these declarations of faith to receive what you’re after, aggressive faith will rise up in your spirit. As you determine to be strong in faith, persistent and unwilling to quit, you will be victorious. Expect to see a change in your life. There is power in what you declare with your mouth—so live your faith out loud!


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