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A Daily Confession to Overcome Condemnation

Condemnation never changes anything. The next time you think you’re doing the right thing by feeling guilty or ashamed of your past or how you recently blew it—think again. When you entertain these thoughts and feelings, instead of moving forward, you’re keeping yourself right where you are, which is most likely stuck. 


Condemnation is continuing to feel guilty about sin that has already been confessed or circumstances or occurrences out of your own control. That’s the accuser’s way. God’s way is conviction, which is simply correction and guidance. It is a leading toward the right way—God’s way—and away from destruction or sin. That’s why Romans 8:1 tells us “there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (NASB).


You can be set free from condemnation through the renewing of your mind and a willingness to let go of the condemning thoughts you’ve been feeding on for days, weeks or even years. 


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Begin taking a stand by speaking this daily confession of faith against condemnation:


This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it! His mercies are new every morning. 


I am saved, I am forgiven. No matter what I’ve done or what I’ve gone through, the blood of Jesus is more than enough to cleanse and wash away the past. I am a new creature in Christ Jesus, and He makes ALL things new in my life. 


I refuse to live in the past. I take authority over my thoughts, and I rebuke the enemy right now in Jesus’ Name from bringing condemnation on me. I resist those thoughts. I will not give them any attention anymore. I have the mind of Christ. 


I will not criticize or tear down others, nor will I think more highly of myself than I should. I will work to build others up, and to bless and encourage them. I will not judge or speak of the shortcomings of others, but instead I will pray for those who are working to become more Christlike, just as I am. 


I choose today to forgive myself for anything and everything wrong I have ever done or ever been part of. I receive the forgiveness Christ died to give me. I do this out of honor and respect for what He has done and out of obedience to His Word. As I do this, I freely forgive those around me for any and every offense. 


I choose today to say, “I am worthy” of everything Christ died to give me. I am worthy of receiving forgiveness. I am worthy of receiving healing. I am worthy of receiving financial prosperity. I am worthy of receiving a spouse and children. I am worthy—not because of what I’ve done or not done—but because Jesus has made me worthy to receive everything God has for me.


I am a child of God, and I freely receive all He has for me. I expect to live in the abundance of His riches and glory through Christ Jesus.


Great job! As you speak this daily confession against condemnation, begin to see yourself as worthy, forgiven and free from judgment. You don’t need to be affirmed by others. You don’t need to prove you are holy. You are justified by faith and faith alone. Now go…live free!


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