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A Confession of Faith in the Name of Jesus

In Jesus’ Name. It's more than a phrase we tack on to the end of our prayers. All that God is and does is represented in the Name of Jesus. John 14:13 (AMPC), says when you ask in His Name, you present your requests to the Father on the basis of all that Jesus is. So, you can boldly expect to have those requests granted—not because you're worthy, but because He is!

What's more, the Name of Jesus carries authority over all other names. Philippians 2:9-10 says, “God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow” (NKJV). 

The Bible is clear about the power of the Name! Yet, most Christians don’t seem to put much stock in it. They’ll pray in the Name of Jesus, then turn right around and say, “I sure hope God answers that prayer.” They don’t realize that if they only had the faith to believe it, Jesus’ Name alone carries enough clout to guarantee their prayers will be answered.

As a believer, you have right and authority to use that Name and expect signs to follow. Here is a confession of faith in the Name of Jesus you can say with boldness.


Today, right now, I declare that there is power in the Name of Jesus. And it’s through His Name that I have the victory. I have it now. I have it in the Name that’s above every name—the mighty Name of Jesus. And, when I speak that Name, demons have to flee. Sickness has to depart from me. Poverty is no longer my lot in life. Lack has to go when I speak the Name.


Jesus is Lord. He’s Lord over my spirit, Lord over my mind, Lord over my body, Lord over my affairs. I call my affairs successful. I call my body healed. I call my mind sound. I call the Name of Jesus over my spirit, my mind and my body. I call the Name of Jesus over my family and all my affairs.  


Money, I call you to me now. I call you in the Name of Jesus. I call my bills paid. I call all debts paid and eliminated. I call myself successful to the glory of God the Father and the uplifting of the Name of Jesus. I call my testimony effective. I call my life filled with God’s power.  


I name my life after the Lord Jesus. I name my life success. I name my life filled with His power. I name my church successful. I call my pastor successful. I call my Sunday school class successful. I call my business successful. I call my boss successful. I call my family successful.  I call my wife/husband filled with love. I call my children filled with love. I call myself filled with the love of God in the Name of Jesus.


By the power of the Name of Jesus—that is settled. The Bible says Jesus is the High Priest of our confession (Hebrews 3:1). We can expect to see results when we use His Name in faith!


Jesus’ Name. Dig into the Word and find out just how much power and authority it really carries. Then, use that power every time you pray. Stop hoping God will answer, and start expecting Him to cause every circumstance in your life to bow its knee in honor of that glorious Name!


You have the power of attorney to use the Name of Jesus! Watch as Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplanits talk about the power of that Name!


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