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A Prayer to Possess Your Promised Land

There’s a dream in your heart.

You don’t think about it every minute, but it’s always there…

Calling to you.

If you could make it happen, you would. But something inside you reminds you that anything with God involves a process. He’s a God of order, after all.

You may have been waiting for five, 10 or even 20 years for this dream to come to pass. You may feel like you’ve been in a dry land, but don’t give up! If you’re ready to stop wandering in the wilderness, here is a prayer to possess your promised land you can pray in faith.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You that You are the God of the impossible. Nothing is too big for You. God, I thank You that not only have You put a dream in my heart, but You intend for me to achieve it—to possess the promised land You have for me.

Father, I repent for allowing discouragement, doubt and fear to creep into my heart. I bind those spirits now in the Name of Jesus. Please forgive me, and give me the strength to build my faith to receive from You. A lot of circumstances have told me I’ll never see what I’m dreaming of, but today, I choose to believe You.

Lord, I ask right now that You would help me to love those around me, forgive every person, obey Your commands and keep from complaining. Help me to develop a Joshua spirit—one who always speaks a good report and stays in faith no matter what.

As I picture my dream right now, I lift up my hands in praise to You and thank You that it is done! I praise You for it! Thank You, God, for ________. Glory to God, it’s mine! I take it! I receive it! I give You all the glory!

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may want to add the scriptures you’re standing on to this prayer for possessing your promised land. Once you pray this prayer in faith, determine to take steps toward achieving your dream. Listen for the Lord in your quiet time. Do EVERYTHING you hear Him tell you to do—no matter how small. Work on correcting the areas in your life that need tightening (loving others, not judging, being grateful, stopping yourself from complaining). Those tiny tweaks can shave off years from your journey! Your promised land is yours for the taking!

Scriptures: Numbers 14:38; Isaiah 25:1; Psalms 71:8, 103:1; Matthew 19:26; Mark 11:24

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