The Rice Experiment Proving the Power of Words
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A professor in Japan took three different containers and filled each container with an equal amount of cooked white rice. He labeled one container, “Thank You,” another “You’re an Idiot,” and the third he left blank. Every day, the professor spoke to each container according to its label.

For 30 days, he spoke to each jar every day. To the “Thank You” jar, he only spoke positive and affirming words like, “You are special, you are smart, you are loved, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.”

To the “You're an Idiot” jar, he spoke only harsh, critical and negative words like, “You are stupid, you are useless, you’ll never amount to anything.”

Finally, to the jar without a label, he said nothing at all.

The results?

At the end of 30 days, the rice in the jar labeled “Thank You” began to ferment and release a pleasant smell. The rice labeled “You’re an Idiot” turned black and mushy, and emitted a sour smell. Finally, the rice that had been ignored and neglected began to mold and rot.

This experiment has been replicated by scientists, universities and home-school students, all with the same results. Whether people want to believe it or not:

Your words matter.

Though it’s an intriguing exercise, the rice experiment doesn’t make it so—God’s Word says so, and that’s all that matters. He has given us so much instruction about the words we speak. Are we listening? Are we applying what we know? Or do we think watching our words so closely is being hypersensitive?

Proverbs 18:21 tells us the tongue has the power of life and death and reminds us that we will have whatever we say. Proverbs 13:3 encourages us to remember that he who guards his lips guards his life. Throughout His Word, God gives us insights into how to have success spiritually and physically. Spiritual laws are connected to the natural realm. The more we take God at His Word, the sooner we’ll figure out how to live the life we’ve always wanted.

Next time you think about speaking before you think, remember the rice experiment. Watch what you say to your spouse, your children and your friends. Be careful with your words when you talk about your car, computer, appliances or any of your other belongings. Let your words speak life and increase over your job and money. Don’t let anything slip (even jokingly) about your health that isn’t positive and uplifting.

When you do, you’ll have a life most people only dream about.

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