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Courses by Topic: Faith

Foundational Basics: The Force of Faith

You have a mighty and power force inside you—the force of faith! Although faith is not tangible, it is a substance that can be formed into the fulfillment of God’s promises. Develop and use faith ... more
Lessons Include
  1. Faith in Your Reborn Spirit
  2. The Force of Faith
  3. Have the God Kind of Faith
  4. Faith Is the Victory
  5. The Same Measure of Faith

19 Life-Changing Teachings to Take You to the Next Level

Here is a series of 19 life-changing teachings that are full of great revelations from the Word of God presented for your encouragement and spiritual growth. You’ll enjoy the wisdom and ... more
Lessons Include
  1. Reigning in Life Through Jesus
  2. Seeing Jesus in Every Book of the Bible
  3. Put On the Glory of God
  4. God Has a Plan for You
  5. Seek God for the Answer
  6. It Is Finished!
  7. Agents of Supernatural Provision
  8. Have Great Faith
  9. Humble Yourself and Pray
  10. Receiving What God Has Already Given
  11. Expect Daily Benefits From God
  12. Faith for Life
  13. God's Health and Wellness Plan
  14. The Way of Cain
  15. Faith That Moves Mountains
  16. The Rewards That Come From Honor
  17. Woman, See Yourself as an Answer
  18. The Year of the Overcomer
  19. How to Detox Your Brain

Speak God's Word—Get His Results - Series 2

God’s Word, spoken from your mouth, can affect not only your life, but the lives of those around you! In the second part of this five-lesson course, you’ll see how your words can change the ... more
Lessons Include
  1. Partnership Is a Divine Connection
  2. Create Your Best Life
  3. Move Into Your Destiny
  4. Get God's Promises Working in Your Life
  5. How to Change Your World With Your Words

Speak God's Word—Get His Results - Series 1

The words you speak make a difference! In the first part of this five-lesson course, discover the power behind words, and how to control the words you speak.
Lessons Include
  1. Follow the Laws
  2. Choice Begins With Words
  3. Your Words Have Far-Reaching Effects
  4. Think God's Thoughts, Speak His Words
  5. The Power of Words


There's no greater power than faith!  In this five-lesson course, you’ll discover what faith is and how it pleases God, how your words affect your outcomes, and how to live in victory ... more
Lessons Include
  1. Faith—What Is It?
  2. Activate Your Faith
  3. What You Say Is What You Get
  4. Develop Your Faith Muscles
  5. How to Strengthen Your Faith