Hearing from God is what we are called to live and breathe for, and what most of us desire more than anything. 

Topic: faith prayer
Each of us is called to a wealthy place. It’s a place where we enjoy the prosperity God has in store for us financially, emotionally, physically and in every other way.
Topic: prayer wealth prosperity
The WORD commands us at least 110 times: Fear not!
Topic: fear prayer scriptures

Deception is the devil’s tactic. His only hope to take out believers is to get them to believe a lie. He does it so subtly as to make it almost seem true. Almost. 

Topic: prayer deception faith
As Christians, we are called to be in the world—not of it.
Topic: prayer word of god world
There’s a dream in your heart. You don’t think about it every minute, but it’s always there…calling to you.
Topic: prayer scriptures
If you’ve always wondered what your high calling on this earth is, now is your time to find out. Use these three simple tips for finding your calling:
Topic: calling prayer spiritual gifts
Looking to implement a new prayer routine in your daily life?
Topic: prayer intercession worship

Are you concerned about a friend or family member who is incarcerated? Sometimes, it can seem as if there is no way out and nothing you can do. However, God has said that through Him, you can make the impossible possible and create streams in a desert for your loved one.

Topic: prayer forgiveness comforter
It means you’ll always have the right answer and one that the world may never even think to offer.
Topic: spiritual growth breakthrough prayer
You don’t have to live a life of uncertainty, fear or worry. You can take your stand on the promises in the Word of God, cast all your cares on Him, and never worry again.
Topic: prayer worry overcome
Jesus provided your healing on the cross, so it would be available to you 365 days a year, 24/7, morning, noon, night—anytime you need it.
Topic: healing prayer
If you’re a tither, lender to the poor, an investor in the gospel, and sower of praise offerings, there’s good news for you—you have a heavenly account full and ready for your use!
Topic: finances heaven prayer
There is a battle for our children. The enemy is after them, and some have fallen prey to his schemes.
Topic: children prayer relationships

No matter what your position or profession, God has designed a system to prosper you. In fact, you are not limited to your paycheck, your education, your abilities or anything else in the natural.

Topic: prosper prayer

Do you know the full power of partnership? Partnership is more than giving and sowing. It’s more than prayer. It’s a covenant—a joining together in faith. It’s being part of something bigger than yourself. More than that—it’s POWER! 

Topic: partnership prayer blessing

Spirit, mind and body—those are the three areas that comprise you. If any one area is neglected, then you suffer. You won’t be as spiritually, physically or emotionally strong as you should be. That’s why it’s important to nourish each and every area of your life.

Topic: prayer meditation thankfulness

Everywhere you turn negativity pops up—news, social media, gossip columns, workplace water coolers, talk radio, even the family dinner table. If you’re not on guard, that negativity will color the way you look at your life, work, family and home.

Topic: prayer thankfulness thoughts

Fasting is a willingness to separate yourself from the things of this world and put your focus solely on the Lord.

Topic: fasting spiritual growth prayer

Are you struggling with sin consciousness? God’s righteousness is yours!

Topic: prayer revelation
There is a spiritual battle taking place in our schools.
Topic: prayer

If you’re reading this, you know one thing is true: Debt is a burden. It may bring us the things we need or want more quickly, but the chains can be heavy and the road to freedom often long.

Topic: debt prayer agreement

If there’s one thing that interrupts your day and brings it below what you would call a “good day,” it’s the absence of peace. Bad news, an attack of illness, unexpected interruptions to your schedule, and so on.

Topic: prayer peace faith
Just like in a garden, you have to be diligent to keep the weeds of doubt and unbelief out of your heart. 
Topic: prayer faith unbelief
Drawing near to God is the key to unlocking every door that seems shut in your life.
Topic: prayer spiritual growth

You pray for your friends and family. You pray for your nation, your church and your pastor. You pray for financial abundance and healing. But, what about your weight? Are you struggling alone? God wants to come alongside you and help you get fit, healthy and strong.

Topic: prayer Health overcome
God is a speaking God, and He speaks to His children every day.
Topic: prayer spiritual growth
God doesn’t look at color, gender or any other factor. He sees people in two groups—those who know Him and those who don’t.
Topic: prayer unity
There is a key to enjoying everything in life you’ve always wanted.
Topic: prayer spiritual growth wisdom
When you make a decision to step from natural into supernatural living, you will be able to accomplish things you’ve been desiring for years.
Topic: scriptures spirit prayer
Need to establish a prayer routine? Try these tips on how to set and meet prayer goals.
Topic: prayer spiritual growth
Are you wondering how to get your prayers answered? Learn how to pray the prayer of petition and see the answer every time!
Topic: prayer petition word of god
Need a change in your finances? Here’s what the power of agreement in finances can do in your life.
Topic: finances agreement prayer

Have you ever faced the temptation to lose hope, grow weary and give up? Maybe you’re believing God for a miracle in your family, your body or your finances, but it’s just not happening. Has your faith failed?

Topic: hope faith prayer

If you’ve faced overwhelming loss, repeated failures or betrayals of trust, hope may feel far from you. You know the key to receiving from God is standing in hope on His promises, yet you need supernatural help to get there.

Topic: prayer hope jesus
As you gather around the table with loved ones, a special moment is set aside to thank God for His blessings and abundance.
Topic: thankfulness prayer family

Having a hard day? Everyone experiences one occasionally. When those days hit, you have a choice: You can succumb or you can overcome. Consider these three areas when horrible days happen:

1. Your Words

Topic: overcome prayer scriptures

Sometimes when you pray you may not feel you are getting results. You repeat the same prayer over and over, wondering why you are not receiving an answer. Days may pass, even months or years, and still it seems as though nothing is happening.

Topic: prayer bible
I thank You for my husband and for the gift he is to my life.
Topic: prayer relationships marriage
One of the best ways to show how much she means to you is to pray for her daily and speak the Word over her.
Topic: prayer relationships marriage

Let’s look at Mark 11:23-24, which says, “I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen.

Topic: prayer bible

Do you need a dose of God’s favor today? If you are a child of God then you already have it. But if you need to remind yourself of God’s goodness, grace and favor in your life, then pray these four scriptures over yourself.

Topic: prayer truth words bible

If you and your spouse are struggling against infertility, declare these scriptures. Print them, read them, meditate them and speak them over your family. And if you need someone to agree with you in prayer, call the KCM Prayer Line at +1-817-852-6000.

Topic: prayer children healing bible
Have you heard about the importance of praying in faith? Have you wondered what that means and how to do it but don’t know where to begin?
Topic: prayer faith words beliefs
It’s the New Year, the perfect time to pause and get God’s perspective on the coming year.
Topic: prayer faith bible
You are faced with a big decision, and you have to make a choice. How can you be sure that you’re making the right one? Choosing God’s way doesn’t have to be difficult or mysterious.
Topic: choices bible prayer accountability peace
The holidays are here! It’s a wonderful time of celebrating the birth of our Savior with friends and family, many of whom we only see once or twice a year.
Topic: family relationships prayer love
We serve a mighty God who has given us His Word and the ability to speak health and safety over our children.
Topic: prayer protection children fear victory peace adversity strength
Teenagers are at a critical time in their lives when they are making more and more decisions about how they will live and what they will believe.
Topic: prayer family children fear victory peace protection
God’s Word is clear that, as believers, we are called to pray for those in authority.
Topic: prayer obedience

Do you feel like your faith could use a boost? Do you desire to be so strong in your faith that nothing the enemy sends your way distracts you from the promises of God?

Topic: faith prayer spiritual growth
Spirit-led prayer is an important part of the believer’s life.
Topic: prayer bible praise
It’s a practice that takes devotion and a heartfelt desire to see someone else’s life change for the better, and all believers are called to participate in it.
Topic: prayer forgiveness thankfulness praise success
When you are baptized in the Holy Spirit, you receive a gift from God—the gift of speaking (or praying) in tongues.
Topic: prayer strength

by Kenneth Copeland

When you hear God’s voice, when you receive His promptings in your spirit, be willing to trust Him and act on what He says. Yes, you might make a mistake, but

Topic: trust forgiveness prayer faith

In this video Riley shares the simple gospel message along with a prayer to receive Jesus. Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved!

Topic: salvation jesus prayer

In this powerful video, Riley shares his personal story of making Jesus the Lord of his life, and how he struggled with what to do next.

Topic: jesus salvation prayer

Many new Christians don't realize that salvation is not just a way to escape an eternity in hell. That's a BIG benefit, but there's more to your salvation than fire insurance! Included in your salvation is deliverance, preservation, healing, health and soundness.

Topic: salvation prayer jesus

As Riley visits an old work location, he shares how the Baptism in the Holy Spirit changed his life forever. However, it wasn't easy for him at first; he had to get out of his own way!

Topic: prayer baptism

God desires a deep relationship with you. Just like any relationship, the intimacy is based upon communication. Prayer is your communication channel with God, and it is key to an intimate relationship with Him.

Topic: salvation prayer choices

Join in agreement with Kenneth Copeland as he prays for and receives the supernatural strength God promised us.

Topic: healing strength prayer faith
Whether on home soil or around the world, confessing Psalm 91 is "God's order of the day!"
Topic: protection prayer obedience peace

If you’ve been hurt, then the idea of forgiveness may seem impossible. You may be wondering what exactly it means for you as a Christian and how to do it. How do you forgive that person—or persons—who betrayed you? How do you let go of the pain and hurt that you have experienced?

Topic: forgiveness prayer spiritual growth emotions huilt
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, that the Lord watches over His people and that they are healed, prosperous and delivered from terror.
Topic: prayer peace protection adversity

People often get discouraged when praying for the salvation of loved ones and begin to wonder if their prayers ever really help. Well, guess what? Yes!

Topic: prayer salvation family love relationships
Remember, He’s always speaking; it’s just a matter of opening your spiritual ears to hear Him.
Topic: prayer spiritual growth bible
You can relax and be at peace when anxiety strikes by praying God’s Word!
Topic: anxiety peace prayer thankfulness praise trust hope confidence

Gloria Copeland discusses Psalm 145 in relation to healing. God is looking for a heart that will receive all the good He wants to give.  It can be YOU!

Topic: healing children Christian Walk family forgiveness prayer repentance

If you’re a born-again child of God, the Word of God says that Jesus has already provided everything you need to be healed in your physical body. In this video, Gloria Copeland teaches you how to take the healing that belongs to you!

Topic: healing faith prayer fear
Join Kenneth Copeland as he demonstrates how to believe and speak to your body for complete healing from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.
Topic: healing prayer faith beliefs
Your aim in prayer is to be effective. Effective praying is the key to success in every area of life.
Topic: prayer new believer
There are many ways to share Jesus. In this video, Riley shares the approach he uses to tell others the Good News…an approach that he has used to win many to the Lord!
Topic: salvation jesus prayer
The Bible is all about your salvation. Read these scriptures from The Amplified Bible for a taste of what God has in store for you!
Topic: salvation prayer new believer
Our faith is connected to the blessings God has for us: That includes salvation, healing and prosperity. Pray this prayer as you learn to live by faith!
Topic: faith prayer Christian Walk
Learn how to experience freedom in your prayers.
Topic: prayer
Commit today to start making prayer a priority in your life!
Topic: prayer accountability
There is power when you agree with others in prayer. See what the Bible says.
Topic: prayer
Be confident in your prayers, because God is faithful!
Topic: prayer faith
Discouraged by your circumstances? You can experience change through the power of prayer.
Topic: love prayer faith
Pray this prayer, confessing that God is with you now, and in every time of need.
Topic: prayer anxiety Stress
No matter what difficulties you may face, whether at home, on the job or anywhere, God will lead and guide you in the way you should go.
Topic: choices Christian Walk prayer Stress anxiety
God has a plan for your life. Pray along these lines and you will discover the plan!
Topic: prayer success
The power of sickness has been broken over your life. Say it aloud today!
Topic: healing prayer
Stand in prayer for your children today, calling them BLESSED!
Topic: children prayer relationships
God will partner with you in raising your kids! Pray this prayer over them today.
Topic: prayer relationships children faith
Stand against strife and let peace rule your household with this scripture-based prayer.
Topic: prayer relationships peace
Make a quality decision to live a life of honor today in all you do. You can start with this prayer.
Topic: relationships prayer family
The Lord wants us to walk in love with others. Pray this prayer of commitment to peace today.
Topic: prayer relationships peace love
A simple prayer to strengthen your love walk.
Topic: relationships prayer love
It's God's will for you to live in divine health. Speak these scriptures affirming that Truth now.
Topic: healing prayer
Because God's words are life to us and health to all our flesh, this prayer has been filled with the Word—and what God has to say about your health and healing.
Topic: prayer healing
Start using this prayer as you stand for your healing and continued health each and every day.
Topic: prayer healing
Satan has no right to touch your spirit, your soul or your body. Pray this very simple prayer for healing.
Topic: prayer healing
Pray according to God's Word when you give, and receive the promised harvest on your seed sown.
Topic: faith prayer
Always remember the enemy does not have any weapon or device greater than our faith. God has given you His Word, so you can have confidence that your prayers will be answered. Believe that the things you say and pray will come to pass.
Topic: prayer faith
Your prayers can be effective in interceding for your family and friends. Use this prayer to help you.
Topic: faith prayer
If you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting from your prayers, there’s a word in the Bible that can help you: receive.
Topic: prayer faith forgiveness
We’re the ones with real authority, and we’ve been given that authority by the Name of Jesus.
Topic: prayer thankfulness
Are you standing in faith for your spouse’s salvation? Do you want to see him or her saved, set free and living an overcoming, Spirit-filled life? If so, don’t give up. Your prayers make a difference.
Topic: prayer relationships salvation
They love the Word and do their best to abide in it, but they are unsure of how to take a stand for their family. Let’s look at three ways you can protect your family through prayer.
Topic: prayer family protection
Remember, He’s always speaking; it’s just a matter of opening your spiritual ears to hear Him. Let’s look at three ways that you can improve your ability to hear the Holy Spirit.
Topic: prayer bible
Are you in trouble and need Jesus to intervene on your behalf? Have you prayed, but can’t seem to hear an answer? Do you feel like screaming, “Help, Jesus, I need You!” If so, you'll want to read this article.
Topic: prayer peace confidence anxiety Stress fear
To really honor God’s position, we must pray what He has already declared to be His will...and that's found in the Word of God.
Topic: prayer purpose
There is more than just one kind of prayer, and depending on what you desire from God, you need to understand the importance of each one.
Topic: prayer
Read these seven steps as guidelines to help you in your determined walk of faith when it comes to your prayers—and learn how to wait in faith for them to be answered.
Topic: prayer anxiety fear Stress
Unanswered prayer is not the result of God’s unwillingness to use His power, but because of hindrances we allow to overcome us. Read about them here.
Topic: prayer faith forgiveness
Every Christian has the privilege of using the Name of Jesus in prayer. See how, when you pray in Jesus’ Name, you immediately get God’s attention.
Topic: prayer confidence
This can be an area of confusion when we are learning to walk in the spirit. Learn how to hear His direction today.
Topic: prayer
Pray this prayer for those who are sharing God's Word all around the world. Your prayers make a difference!
Topic: prayer
Pray this prayer for His direction now.
Topic: prayer victory Stress anxiety
Put yourself and God in remembrance of His Word and know that the only “safe” place there will ever be is under His protection.
Topic: protection prayer Stress anxiety
Our heavenly Father is very interested in you and desires the very best for you. Pray this prayer if you're looking for employment.
Topic: finances prayer Stress anxiety
You are blessed! Pray this prayer for finances, speaking His Word over your money and your giving.
Topic: finances prayer Stress anxiety
Pray this prayer for your health and healing--spirit, soul and body--because God wants you well!
Topic: prayer healing
God’s Word is always His will. We have included a prayer and scriptures that we believe will minister to you as you stand on them for a child of your own.
Topic: children prayer anxiety
Pray this prayer as you stand for your nation or other nations of the world.
Topic: prayer
As you set yourself in agreement with God’s will for revival, pray this prayer, expecting God to move.
Topic: prayer
Hope is a spiritual force which grows stronger and stronger the longer we stand. Stand in prayer for our schools today.
Topic: prayer children
Praying for godly leaders is productive toward God’s plan and purpose for our nation.
Topic: prayer
Agree with Brother Copeland for the peace and provision of the Lord during times of natural disasters.
Topic: prayer fear victory anxiety
If you do not know Jesus as your Savior and Lord, simply pray the following prayer in faith, and Jesus will be your Lord!
Topic: prayer salvation new believer
Looking for spiritual insight into a specific situation? Pray this Bible-based prayer today.
Topic: prayer spiritual gifts
The Holy Spirit is your Helper and Teacher. Pray this prayer for walking in His wisdom and guidance.
Topic: prayer wisdom Christian Walk
The Lord has the gift of the Holy Spirit ready for you. Pray this prayer to receive Him into your life today.
Topic: new believer prayer
Pray this prayer, purposing to live in agreement, harmony, peace and power toward each other...for a strong marriage!
Topic: prayer peace family
Do you know someone who needs the Lord? Pray this prayer, knowing that God desires all men be saved and come into the knowledge of truth.
Topic: prayer salvation
Pray this prayer that Kenneth and Gloria Copeland pray over their Partners.
Topic: prayer
Read these scriptures and receive them by faith as God’s desire to answer your prayers.
Topic: prayer
Your prayers make a difference! Speak this confession about your prayers today.
Topic: prayer
God's plans are to give you hope and a future. Speak His plans for your BLESSING now.
Topic: prayer purpose
You can have peace, regardless of what is going on around you. Consider these steps for implementing God’s peace in your life.
Topic: anxiety healing faith prayer
As you put God’s prescription for health to work in your life—putting the Word in your heart, speaking it out of your mouth and receiving it as truth—don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.
Topic: prayer healing
The words spoken from your mouth, whether good or evil, a blessing or a curse, will manifest themselves in your life. See how.
Topic: prayer healing
Release your faith and speak healing and life to someone you love.
Topic: prayer healing
Speak to sickness and disease, and declare the victory for your friends--spirit, soul and body!
Topic: prayer relationships healing
By Jesus' stripes, your children are healed! Pray this Bible-based prayer over them today.
Topic: prayer children family healing
Confess the Lord is your healer...because in Him you ARE healed!
Topic: prayer healing
Pray this prayer of deliverance and watch your life change.
Topic: strength prayer meditation beliefs fear Stress
Praying God's Word over your loved one will make all the difference!
Topic: prayer meditation strength
Walking by faith can be as natural as breathing. Choose today to live by faith and not fear.
Topic: spiritual growth prayer faith
If you do not know Jesus as your Savior and Lord, simply pray the following prayer in faith, and Jesus will be your Lord!
Topic: spiritual gifts prayer baptism salvation
When taking Communion, use this prayer to express your thanks!
Topic: spiritual growth prayer
God has redeemed you from every activity that may be destructive to your life.
Topic: anxiety fear prayer
Every time you sit down with the Lord to study His Word, pray and expect revelation to flow easily into your heart!
Topic: spiritual growth prayer bible Christian Walk faith
Are you ready to serve the Lord with your whole heart? Pray this prayer...and watch everything change!
Topic: prayer salvation relationships
Your relationships can be blessed each and every day. Pray this prayer of strength over them today.
Topic: relationships prayer
Use this prayer to make a decision to live in harmony and become the mighty couple God has made you to be.
Topic: prayer family relationships
Your children are precious in God's sight! Pray this Bible-based prayer over them, committing them to the Lord.
Topic: prayer children family relationships
God has given us the Holy Spirit as a Helper and Guide. Learn to be led by the Holy Spirit in all things!
Topic: prayer spiritual growth
Your Baptism in the Holy Spirit is received by faith. Receiving the Holy Spirit is so important to the believer being equipped to fulfill his purpose and destiny in God.
Topic: baptism prayer spiritual growth strength salvation
Allowing God to direct you through prayer will lead you to the right place at the right time.
Topic: finances prayer opportunities
A great scripture-based prayer you can speak when you bring your tithe to the Lord.
Topic: finances prayer
Ready for a financial breakthrough? Read these scriptures and turn them into a powerful prayer for financial blessing for your family today.
Topic: finances prayer anxiety