A Confession and Prayer for Your Healing
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Confess this from your heart, then pray and release your faith fully expecting to be healed (and stay healed). 

I confess Jesus Christ as Lord over my life, spirit, soul and body.  I receive the power of God to make me sound, whole, delivered, saved and healed now. I act on the Word of God and receive the power of God. Sickness, disease and pain, I resist you in the Name of Jesus. You’re not the will of God for me. I enforce the Word of God on you. I’ll not tolerate you in my life. Leave my presence. I’ll never allow you back. My days of sickness and disease are over. I’m saved. I’m healed. The power of sickness has been forever broken over my life. Jesus bore my sickness, weakness and pain, and I’m free. Sickness shall no longer Lord it over me. Sin shall no longer lord it over me. Fear shall no longer lord it over me. Evil addictions shall no longer lord it over me. I’ve been redeemed from the curse of the law and I proclaim my freedom in Jesus' Name, today. The gospel is the power of God to me unto salvation. I receive the gospel. I act on the gospel and I am made whole, In Jesus' Name. Amen.