The power of agreement opens the windows of heaven in our lives and closes the door to his destruction. 
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The family that lives out their faith together sees victory together!
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How can we possibly respond the way God wants us to while so many negative emotions are boiling beneath the surface?
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As you gather around the table with loved ones, a special moment is set aside to thank God for His blessings and abundance.
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In the natural, most of us take measures to protect our homes and families. We lock our doors or use security systems. But, what about spiritually protecting our homes?

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There’s nothing quite like watching your child suffer, especially at the hands of a parent who’s not around. The missed baseball games. The empty seat at the school play. The months or years of silence. Those lost moments can cause lifelong heartache unless there is forgiveness.


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Single parent, God loves you! Do you know that?
Topic: children family relationships
If you’re one of God’s children, He’s redeemed you from the curse of infertility.
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Here are 10 scriptures and confessions that will bring you peace and help you remember just how loved you and they are by your heavenly Father.
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The holidays are here! It’s a wonderful time of celebrating the birth of our Savior with friends and family, many of whom we only see once or twice a year.
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Teenagers are at a critical time in their lives when they are making more and more decisions about how they will live and what they will believe.
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Parents desire to protect their children—spirit, mind and body.
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Your family is important to you, and it’s important to God. In this video, Riley shares a story about Uncle Jimmy and his poor behavior and attitude toward the gospel at family celebrations. We all have relatives who do not know the Lord. The devil's No.

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We love our pets and want God’s blessing and protection over them.
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People often get discouraged when praying for the salvation of loved ones and begin to wonder if their prayers ever really help. Well, guess what? Yes!

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Family visits can be stressful! As you get ready for an upcoming visit, take time to prepare your heart and mind by focusing on God’s Word.
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Your family is planning a visit? As much as you love them, sometimes the stress can feel like a little much. How can you keep your cool when family visits? Here are four tips for helping you do just that.
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God’s promises regarding your family members’ salvation will give you peace about their future.
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Pray for your family and learn to live at peace with them in a quiet, peaceful home.
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Gloria Copeland discusses Psalm 145 in relation to healing. God is looking for a heart that will receive all the good He wants to give.  It can be YOU!

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Make a quality decision to live a life of honor today in all you do. You can start with this prayer.
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You can live out your faith in front of your unsaved family members with power and truth today!
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They love the Word and do their best to abide in it, but they are unsure of how to take a stand for their family. Let’s look at three ways you can protect your family through prayer.
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Pray this prayer, purposing to live in agreement, harmony, peace and power toward each other...for a strong marriage!
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By Jesus' stripes, your children are healed! Pray this Bible-based prayer over them today.
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Leave it to Jesus to solve today’s complex problems with a scripture so simple even a child can understand it, and so broad it covers every possible situation, including believing for your unsaved spouse’s salvation—“Have faith in God” (Mark 11:22).
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Use this prayer to make a decision to live in harmony and become the mighty couple God has made you to be.
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Your children are precious in God's sight! Pray this Bible-based prayer over them, committing them to the Lord.
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Speak the Word over your children, standing for His BEST in their lives!
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Your marriage is blessed! Here's a confession you can speak over it each and every day.
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Jesus loves children! Believe on these promises from God's Word for the little ones in your life with big dreams.
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