A Prayer for Israel
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"Father God,

We come to you in Jesus’ Name to pray for Israel. In Psalm 122:6, Your Word says we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem, so we know it’s Your will to bless Israel and all the people who live there. We ask You, Father, to keep them safe in this time of unrest. And, we thank You, Lord, that no weapon that is formed against Israel shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17), for You are protecting them according to Your Word.

In addition, we pray for the people of Israel and the country itself to be healed and prosperous, because in Psalm 23:6 we are told that goodness and mercy follow those who have called you their Shepherd.

Let this supernatural protection and deliverance cause many people who hear of it to give glory to You, Sir (Jeremiah 33:9).


Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ Name, Amen."