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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


A Partner Promoted

by S.J., Arkansas

I’m a Partner whose part-time job turned into a full-time job with benefits!

‘I Received My Promotion’

by R.B., Kansas

I thank God for KCM, for its teachings about tithing and partnership. I received my promotion. 

'God Protected Us'

by G.J., Maryland

Recently, my daughter, grandchildren and I had gone to the zoo for a family outing. A fight broke out a little ways in front of us, with shooting and chaos, but God protected us.

Doctors Said No, but God Said YES

by J.C., Ontario

I was told by doctors I couldn’t conceive, but sowed seed into KCM and attached a note stating I was believing for a baby. After a medical procedure, I found out I was pregnant.

'God Intervened Miraculously'

by M.W., Canada

Three months ago, I called the KCM office in Langley, B.C., for prayer for my son-in-law who had just had multiple strokes and was in hospital.

Thank You for Preaching the Gospel

by Linda F., Germany

Praise the Lord for KCM! May 2012, I became a Partner of this ministry, and I received a supernatural anointing to declare things over my own life.

‘A Miracle Happened!’

by Irina G., Russia

I was in an accident and had two surgeries. I was not able to walk for a long time. Doctors told me that I would not walk at all, but praise God, a miracle happened: I started walking! 

Thank You for Standing With Us

by R. and C.G., South Africa

Praise our Lord, for the healing of our son. Thank you for your prayers and for standing in agreement with us for his healing. We are blessed to be Partners with KCM.

Restoration and Reconciliation

by D.D., Texas

I’m an inmate and my prayer to be reconciled with my father has been answered!

God Called Us to Mexico!

by M. and M.F., Victoria, B.C.

My wife and I have been following your ministry for only a few months. In the last month God has done some life-changing things.