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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


Quick Harvest From Seed Sown

by Kimberley S., Nottinghamshire, U.K.

Dear KCM, I have to give praise to God! The Lord led me to sow into the offering at the Europe Victory Campaign in London a few weeks back for monthly provisions.

Immediate Breakthrough!

by A.T., Gloucestershire, England

Thank you for your prayers when I called at the end of my tether regarding my husband’s depression.

Shoulder and Hip Pain Gone!

by P.B., Hertfordshire, U.K.

Many thanks—I had pain in my shoulder for nearly four weeks. I even had pain in my hip last week and could hardly walk, and wasn’t able to do my housework.

KCM Prayed and God Stepped In

by L.S., Florida

I called KCM for prayer over my marriage after my husband said he wanted out after 26 years. God stepped in that night.

This Time It Was Different!

by R. and D.W., Canada

I phoned in and had a prayer minister pray with us for our daughter to quit smoking.

'We Have Learned So Much From You'

by P.B., Pennsylvania

I started watching you on TV about eight years ago. I was sick, broke and housebound with panic spells and overwhelming fear.

A Partner Promoted

by S.J., Arkansas

I’m a Partner whose part-time job turned into a full-time job with benefits!

‘I Received My Promotion’

by R.B., Kansas

I thank God for KCM, for its teachings about tithing and partnership. I received my promotion. 

'God Protected Us'

by G.J., Maryland

Recently, my daughter, grandchildren and I had gone to the zoo for a family outing. A fight broke out a little ways in front of us, with shooting and chaos, but God protected us.

Doctors Said No, but God Said YES

by J.C., Ontario

I was told by doctors I couldn’t conceive, but sowed seed into KCM and attached a note stating I was believing for a baby. After a medical procedure, I found out I was pregnant.