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Courses by Topic: Foundational Teachings

The Beginners Guide to Christianity

How do I become a Christian? What about the infilling of the Holy Spirit? What should I expect when I read and study the Bible? These are all good questions, and you need answers, not only for ... more
Lessons Include
  1. How to Become a Christian
  2. How to Be Filled With the Holy Spirit
  3. What Next?

God's Not Mad at You

Contrary to what you may heard, God is not mad at you! In fact, He loves you just as much as He loves Jesus! Come with us as we learn more about God’s desire to know you, how He wants you to know ... more
Lessons Include
  1. God Wants to Know You
  2. God Wants You to Know Him
  3. God Wants to Work Together With You

Get Wisdom, It’s the Principle Thing

Join Kenneth Copeland and Bill Winston as they discuss how important it is to know and use God’s wisdom in your everyday life. God’s Word and His thoughts are wisdom for you, so grab hold, take ... more
Lessons Include
  1. Find the Key Issue
  2. God's Wisdom Changes Everything
  3. Receive God's Wisdom
  4. Trust God's Wisdom Above All Else
  5. God's Wisdom Will Turn Your Situation Around


There's no greater power than faith!  In this five-lesson course, you’ll discover what faith is and how it pleases God, how your words affect your outcomes, and how to live in victory ... more
Lessons Include
  1. Faith—What Is It?
  2. Activate Your Faith
  3. What You Say Is What You Get
  4. Develop Your Faith Muscles
  5. How to Strengthen Your Faith

How the Bible Can Change Your Life

The Bible is a book of controversy, mystery and life to its readers.  But is it more than that?  By the time you finish this five-lesson course, you’ll have no doubts: The Bible is ... more
Lessons Include
  1. Is the Bible True?
  2. What the Bible Contains
  3. The Purpose of the Bible
  4. How to Study the Bible
  5. God's Word Is for You to Use