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Love Letters From Heaven

Kenneth Copeland
Pursuing, receiving and practicing the love of God brings total victory--and eliminates all fear. Pursue His love and let the world see Jesus in you.

Love Never Fails

Kenneth Copeland
Love is the only sure thing. Discover God's fail-proof formula that can bring His love and success to any situation.

No Deposit No Return

Gloria Copeland
Learn how to make heavenly deposits so you will have a rich supply of God's Word on hand for immediate withdrawal.

Pleasing the Father

Gloria Copeland
If we want to be a part of God’s plan in these end times, we must do our part. Discover what it takes to live every day truly Pleasing the Father!

Fight On!

Gloria Copeland
Gloria Copeland shares truths from God's Word that will help you stand fast until you win. Learn how to develop the qualities of a good soldier.

Pressing In—It's Worth It All

Gloria Copeland
You were born again to accomplish the impossible, and have been given what it takes to succeed. Learn how to tap in to that success and never give up!

Faith and Patience—The Power Twins

Kenneth Copeland
The power of patience is necessary to your faith. Discover the conquering combination that can put you over the top every time.

Covenant of Blood

Kenneth Copeland
An enlightening look at the covenant God made with mankind at Calvary, and how it still applies to believers today.

Receive as a Child, Live Like a King

Kenneth Copeland
When you were born again, you didn’t become another of God’s servants—you became His child. Discover the full extent of your redemption.

Build Your Financial Foundation

Gloria Copeland
The foundation is the most important part of any building. Begin construction on your dreams today—learn how to Build Your Financial Foundation!