In 55 years of ministering together, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have often been asked why VICTORY has always been such a dominant theme in everything they’ve done, even from the very beginning…

• The Believer’s Voice of Victory newsletter

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When you think of praise and worship, your thoughts likely jump to music at the beginning of a church service. But praise is much more than that—it is a spiritual weapon.
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We serve a mighty God who has given us His Word and the ability to speak health and safety over our children.
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Teenagers are at a critical time in their lives when they are making more and more decisions about how they will live and what they will believe.
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People wonder why it’s so important to watch your focus, to protect what you watch, what you read and to whom you listen. I figured this out by experience years ago: I have a habit of following my eyes. Wherever I’m looking, that’s where I go.
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We are going to now speak to the spirit of strife over this nation.
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As you celebrate Thanksgiving Day this year, remember God’s provision and the miracle He brought about all because people around the world were united in prayer.
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Now more than ever before, believers must pay attention to God’s instructions. We must take hold of the Word of God and refuse to let go—especially in difficult times. We must be like the writer of Psalm 119 who said: “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.

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You can trust in God’s Word to bring healing when you pray scriptures about whatever illness you are facing.
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God has got your back! His Word promises peace and security for you.
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It’s time for all Christians to stand against the devil and all his mischief, and take their rightful place.
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Pray this prayer for His direction now.
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Agree with Brother Copeland for the peace and provision of the Lord during times of natural disasters.
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