One of the best ways to improve your love walk is to imitate those who are most loving toward you. In 1 Corinthians 11:1, Paul says the same thing: “Pattern yourselves after me [follow my example], as I imitate and follow Christ (the Messiah)” (Amplified Bible, Classic Edition).


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There is a battle for our children. The enemy is after them, and some have fallen prey to his schemes. It can start small and subtle, or it can come on fiercely and quickly. The spirit of rebellion is one way the enemy seeps in almost undetected, causing hurt, confusion and often serious damage.

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Start building your faith today by speaking these declarations of faith for your finances, healing and relationships.

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Our families can be full of people who rub us the wrong way—especially during the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe they use family gatherings as an excuse to hurl insults, use inappropriate language or intrude in personal matters.

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Heavenly Father, I thank You for my husband and for the gift he is to my life. I thank You that he is a man of integrity and that our entire family is blessed to have him as our leader. 


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“The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the Lord.” (Proverbs 18:22)


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Wouldn’t it be great if our faith always produced instantly visible results? Wouldn’t it be fun if we could pray once for a great marriage and… snap, it happened?

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No matter how difficult your marriage may be right now, God can turn it around! Maybe financial troubles have taken their toll. Maybe moral boundaries have been crossed. Maybe poor communication has left you feeling abandoned.

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There is freedom in forgiveness, and you want that freedom for your child. But where do you start? How can you teach them to let go of the pain and embrace the freedom of forgiveness? Here are three points to help you do just that:


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There’s nothing quite like watching your child suffer, especially at the hands of a parent who’s not around. The missed baseball games. The empty seat at the school play. The months or years of silence. Those lost moments can cause lifelong heartache unless there is forgiveness.


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Single parent, God loves you! Do you know that? Are you secure in that today? If you need a mental and spiritual pick-me-up in the Word, take a moment to meditate on these scriptures from your heavenly Parent, and remember who you are, who He is and just how much He loves you:



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The holidays are here! It’s a wonderful time of celebrating the birth of our Savior with friends and family, many of whom we only see once or twice a year. And as much as we enjoy this special time, family members are really good at getting on our nerves.

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Parents desire to protect their children—spirit, mind and body. As Christian parents, we take it as a divine mandate to raise our children “with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4b). In this technological age, that mandate has become even more challenging.

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If you are a born-again Christian, then you know the power of forgiveness because you’ve already received it! Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price so that you could have a relationship with your Heavenly Father.

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People often get discouraged when praying for the salvation of loved ones and begin to wonder if their prayers ever really help. Well, guess what? Yes!

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God’s promises regarding your family members’ salvation will give you peace about their future.
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Pray for your family and learn to live at peace with them in a quiet, peaceful home.
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Wouldn’t it be great if our faith always produced instantly visible results? If you’re struggling in your marriage, begin putting these principles to work today.
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Stand in prayer for your children today, calling them BLESSED!
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God will partner with you in raising your kids! Pray this prayer over them today.
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Stand against strife and let peace rule your household with this scripture-based prayer.
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Make a quality decision to live a life of honor today in all you do. You can start with this prayer.
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The Lord wants us to walk in love with others. Pray this prayer of commitment to peace today.
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A simple prayer to strengthen your love walk.
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Are you standing in faith for your spouse’s salvation? Do you want to see him or her saved, set free and living an overcoming, Spirit-filled life? If so, don’t give up. Your prayers make a difference.
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Speak to sickness and disease, and declare the victory for your friends--spirit, soul and body!
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If you have asked the Lord to help your relationships—with a spouse, friends, parents, co-workers, whomever—then you are in good hands. Here are five principles for improving the relationships in your life.
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God wants to help your marriage be strong! Begin putting these steps into practice as you study His Word and pray, believing for the Holy Spirit to guide you every step of the way.
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Leave it to Jesus to solve today’s complex problems with a scripture so simple even a child can understand it, and so broad it covers every possible situation, including believing for your unsaved spouse’s salvation—“Have faith in God” (Mark 11:22).
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If you have allowed worry to creep into your life, then take a stand against it. Read these scriptures. Print them out and post them where you can see them every day. Don’t let fear rob you of your faith in God and His Word, take a stand against it and live in confidence and godly strength!
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Many Christians spend a lot of time worrying about their lives. They worry about their jobs, their families, their children, their homes, their schedules, the weather, traffic and more. The good news is Jesus died to free you from worry. It doesn’t have to exist in your life. Look at these five ways to get rid of worry.
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Social Anxiety affects more than 40 million Americans. It is a debilitating illness, and it’s time for believers to get free from it. Here are four simple steps to fighting social anxiety.
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See how walking in love is the best way for the world to see Jesus through us.
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We live in a time when the world is getting darker, but see how you can be a good example of holiness for your children.
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Discover how living a life of honor flows out of your heart and into your career and all your relationships
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Forgiveness goes against the world’s way of thinking and human behavior, but learn how it brings true harmony into our lives.
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Nothing counts without love. In short, you can’t go anywhere spiritually or in your relationships until you get your love walk straight. See how to walk in love now.
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God Himself has said in His Word that He wants to have a close relationship with us. Read how to connect with God today.
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Are you ready to serve the Lord with your whole heart? Pray this prayer...and watch everything change!
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Your relationships can be blessed each and every day. Pray this prayer of strength over them today.
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Use this prayer to make a decision to live in harmony and become the mighty couple God has made you to be.
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Your children are precious in God's sight! Pray this Bible-based prayer over them, committing them to the Lord.
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Speak these scriptures over your relationships...with faith!
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Stand for God's best in all your relationships as you speak this Bible-based confession aloud.
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Speak the Word over your children, standing for His BEST in their life!
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Your marriage is blessed! Here's a confession you can speak over it each and every day.
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Give your relationships a boost by standing on these scriptures for your family, friends and other relationships.
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When we stand in agreement, the impossible becomes possible. Use these scriptures as a starting point for standing with your Christian family.
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As a single believer, God has great things in store for you! Stand on these promises knowing that being single doesn't mean being alone.
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Jesus loves children! Believe on these promises from God's Word for the little ones in your life with big dreams.
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God has a special plan for each of His daughters. Read these scriptural promises for women and mothers today.
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It's time for Godly men to take a stand! Believe on these scriptures for men and fathers.
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When men and women come together in agreement, the world can change! Discover God's promises for married couples here.
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