Obeying God and staying in His will requires spiritual effort—but has the greatest payoff of any work you could ever do on earth! Above all, it should be our honor to obey God and please Him in all things.

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As a Christian, you have access to THE BLESSING, God’s provision and favor.

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With work, raising kids, running errands and paying bills, even just a quiet time can feel like a challenge. So, how can you draw near to God? Check out this daily plan to help you get on your way.

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If we will walk with Him, obey His Word, and follow the direction and lead of the Holy Spirit, we will enjoy the close relationship with Him that we desire.
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In fact, this is a recurring theme—starting in Genesis—that appears dozens of times throughout Scripture. God wants to know you and for you to know Him!
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God’s Word is clear that, as believers, we are called to pray for those in authority.
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Compromise is everywhere. From elections to boardrooms, from marriage vows to financial schemes, worldly compromise is truly all around us. That’s why it’s so important for God’s people to take a stand against unholy compromise in to their lives.

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How do you approach your Bible reading time? Do you approach it with purpose and delight, knowing the Lord is going to meet you there?
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Have you ever wondered what faith and love have to do with one another? How are they connected? Let’s examine this connection.
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If you could be promised success in life—in your family, in your relationships, in your work, in your school, in your church—by doing one simple thing, would you do it?
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Are you experiencing a life of joy and peace? Or do you simply get by?
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Whether on home soil or around the world, confessing Psalm 91 is "God's order of the day!"
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God’s promises regarding your family members’ salvation will give you peace about their future.
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Listening to the Word about prosperity will strengthen your faith! Watch as Gloria talks about how prosperity includes so much more than just finances.
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Spiritually speaking, unforgiveness is downright dangerous. It will make your spirit feeble and your prayers ineffective.
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Learning to accurately distinguish the leading of the Holy Spirit is perhaps the greatest challenge we can face.
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Make what God says the authority in your life. You shouldn’t just believe what God says to you in His Word, but you should also act on it. Acting on it is what produces results.
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When it comes to living a prosperous life, tithing—giving the first 10 percent of your income to God—is one of the first subjects that must be discussed.
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