Family visits can be stressful! As you get ready for an upcoming visit, take time to prepare your heart and mind by focusing on God’s Word.
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Your family is planning a visit? As much as you love them, sometimes the stress can feel like a little much. How can you keep your cool when family visits? Here are four tips for helping you do just that.
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You can relax and be at peace when anxiety strikes by praying God’s Word!
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When you are anxious about your job, trust God’s Word to help you pray for confidence and peace.
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God’s promises regarding your family members’ salvation will give you peace about their future.
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Anxiety can steal your peace, but prayer will calm your heart and give you hope.
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Don’t worry! Pray and let peace rule in your heart!
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God has established a good and successful plan for your life. So you can trust Him with your cares.
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God has got your back! His Word promises peace and security for you.
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Pray this prayer, confessing that God is with you now, and in every time of need.
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No matter what difficulties you may face, whether at home, on the job or anywhere, God will lead and guide you in the way you should go.
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We have to deal with the dangers around us. Whether it feels good or not. Whether it looks pretty or not. We have a part to play.
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Don’t let stress keep you from having an abundant life. Implement these five steps and get your life moving in the right direction!
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Are you in trouble and need Jesus to intervene on your behalf? Have you prayed, but can’t seem to hear an answer? Do you feel like screaming, “Help, Jesus, I need You!” If so, you'll want to read this article.
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Read these seven steps as guidelines to help you in your determined walk of faith when it comes to your prayers—and learn how to wait in faith for them to be answered.
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Pray this prayer for His direction now.
Topic: prayer victory Stress anxiety
Put yourself and God in remembrance of His Word and know that the only “safe” place there will ever be is under His protection.
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Our heavenly Father is very interested in you and desires the very best for you. Pray this prayer if you're looking for employment.
Topic: finances prayer Stress anxiety
You are blessed! Pray this prayer for finances, speaking His Word over your money and your giving.
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God’s Word is always His will. We have included a prayer and scriptures that we believe will minister to you as you stand on them for a child of your own.
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Agree with Brother Copeland for the peace and provision of the Lord during times of natural disasters.
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You can have peace, regardless of what is going on around you. Consider these steps for implementing God’s peace in your life.
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If you have allowed worry to creep into your life, then take a stand against it. Read these scriptures. Print them out and post them where you can see them every day.
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The good news is Jesus died to free you from worry. It doesn’t have to exist in your life. Look at these five ways to get rid of worry.
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Social Anxiety affects more than 40 million Americans. It is a debilitating illness, and it’s time for believers to get free from it. Here are four simple steps to fighting social anxiety.
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When trouble arises, the most natural thing to do is to place the blame for it on someone or something.
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God has given His children peace that passes all understanding, no matter what you may be facing. Declare that peace today!
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God has made you victorious in every situation. Call on Him. He will hear you and answer!
Topic: courage emotions depression anxiety Stress
God has redeemed you from every activity that may be destructive to your life.
Topic: anxiety fear prayer
Set your hope in Jesus and by faith walk in victory! That's the way to overcome defeat!
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Discover how living a life of honor flows out of your heart and into your career and all your relationships
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God's Word provides you with insight into His will regarding your finances. Allow these scriptures to change the way you handle your finances.
Topic: finances faith debt anxiety
If you are like 40% of American families, who spend more than they earn, you have probably spoken those words. Learn how to become debt free today.
Topic: finances anxiety faith
Everyone experiences challenging days from time to time. So if you’ve had a bad day today, sit back and let these scriptures remind you of just what your heavenly Father promises you.
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Take a look at three ways you can change the way you approach your money.
Topic: finances anxiety
Here are four strategies for living the debt-free life, and no matter where you are on your journey, you can live by them and experience financial freedom.
Topic: finances opportunities anxiety
Ready for a financial breakthrough? Read these scriptures and turn them into a powerful prayer for financial blessing for your family today.
Topic: finances prayer anxiety
Not sure what the future holds? God knows! Take a look at these scriptures when you need assurance that He's in control.
Topic: finances anxiety adversity
Don't let financial pressures get the best of you. Stand with these truths from God's Word and believe for your breakthrough!
Topic: finances anxiety adversity
There's no greater weapon than your faith! Put it into action today with this powerful prayer.
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