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Salvation: Speak

Give voice to your salvation.

A key to keeping your salvation strong and continuing to grow in the Lord is speaking scriptures that establish who you are as a new creation in Christ. Every time you give voice to these scriptures and declare your new life, you become stronger in your faith and in your life. Start by speaking these scriptures today.

VIDEO: Confessions of a True Soul-Winner

Soul-winners need to discover how speaking words—God’s Word—will make you strong and ready to share what God has done for you with the world around you. Setting your mind on what the Bible says makes all the difference!

Topics: Salvation, Bible

Confessing Who You Are In Christ

When you received Christ you became a new creature. Speak this confession and stand firm in who you've become!

Confessing God's Plan for Me

God's plans are to give you hope and a future. Speak His plans for your BLESSING now.

Topics: Prayer, Purpose

A Confession for Spirit-led Prayer

Praying in the spirit is the sure way to know you are praying God's perfect will into every situation.

Confessions for Your Bible Study Time

God is on your side! Use these confessions to guide your Bible study time.