Confession for Endurance
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When I am tired and the trials of life seem to overwhelm me, I will find my strength in the Lord and His promises for me. His Word says in Isaiah 40:29, 31, "God gives power to me when I am faint and weary. In my weakness, He increases strength in me. I wait for Him [expect, look for and hope in Him] and He renews my strength and power. I will lift up with wings of strength and rise as an eagle. I shall run and not be weary, I shall walk and not faint or become tired." I thank You right now for increased strength. My hope is in You and You continually renew my strength and power. I will run my course and not grow weary in well doing, and I will walk and not become faint or tired. I have all the strength I need to accomplish all that God has called me to do!