5 Ways To Uncancel Yourself
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Cancel culture is out of control—so much so, it has even started devouring itself. When a society is looking for reasons to shame or ruin people, we are no longer living in America as it was intended at its founding. 

So how do we respond as Christians?

Well, we’ve had some practice here at KCM. We’ve been canceled. 

Our VICTORY News and FlashPoint programs were “canceled” on YouTube® because they didn’t like our viewpoint. So, how did we respond? 

We kept talking, kept sharing truth, kept moving forward in faith! Faith never stops—not when people get mad, not when we’re in the minority, not when people threaten us or “unfriend” us. We will not stop speaking truth, and you shouldn’t either. Not just because it is good for you or because it’s your right, but because the truth is what people need more than anything else in this world.

Jesus and His disciples faced the same thing and responded the same way. If they hadn’t, Jesus wouldn’t have fulfilled His calling, and the kingdom of heaven would not have been available to us.

So, how should you respond to this dangerous cancel culture? Here are 5 Ways To Uncancel Yourself and live your faith out loud.

1.    Speak Up and Speak Out. 

The whole premise behind shutting people down is to get them to be afraid to talk, afraid to share their opinions—to silence them. So to uncancel yourself, you have to speak up and speak out. 

About what?

About everything you believe. Speak up and speak out against abortion, against socialism, against the attempt to eliminate genders, against the violations against our religious freedoms. If your child is being taught something unbiblical in school, say something! Don’t just take it.

Of course, we must always do so in love. Our words are lost if they are angry or attacking. 

If we’re silent by choice, it won’t be long until we’re silenced by force. So, when you’re accused of hate when opposing same-sex marriage or anything else—keep speaking up. Don’t push mute on your beliefs. UNCANCEL YOURSELF.

2.    Be Oblivious To Cancel Culture. 

We all know it’s there. So, what do we mean when we say ‘be oblivious’? 

Don’t give it any attention. Don’t let it run how you think, when you speak and what you say. Don’t be afraid to be the “odd man out,” and refuse to fear any repercussions. People may attempt to punish us for our views, but we have recourse and protections—both naturally and spiritually.

When you continue to share your views in spite of those who may try to shame you, your strength and resolve may influence others, and give them food for thought or a perspective they haven’t heard. 

Uncancel yourself at work, with friends and family, on social media and in public. As we all do this, eventually, the cancelers will realize shutting us down isn’t going to work.


3.    Lose Your Life To Save It. 

Most people who are staying silent about their views do so out of fear. Hebrews 10:38 says, “If anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him” (NKJV). That’s because it is impossible to please God without faith, and fear is the opposite of faith.

No one had to endure persecution for speaking what is unpopular more than Jesus. That’s why He said, “Whoever loses their life for me will find it” (Matthew 16:25, NIV). To lose your life for Jesus means that you no longer care about the approval of others—you live to stand for Him and what He loves and stand against what He hates.

When you compromise your convictions to gain the acceptance of other people, you’ve left the narrow path and are on the road that leads to death.

The next time you start to hold your tongue or keep your views to yourself, ask yourself this: “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” (Mark 8:36, NIV).

4.    Do Not Cancel Others. 

We cannot protect our own right to be uncanceled, then turn around and cancel others. Though we can speak out against unbiblical viewpoints, we should not be in the business of shaming or harming others financially, professionally or otherwise. 

Express your opposition, but do so in love and with respect. Be merciful and be better. Be a light in a dark world. While others turn to criticism and hate, you turn to mercy and love. That’s how you can show the world what it truly means to love one another.


5.    Embrace the Opportunity. 

If nothing else, take this current climate as an opportunity to reach people for Christ. As long as the discussion is open—let’s direct it to Jesus every time. Some of the most angry people who seem to oppose Christianity the most are the ones who receive the salvation message most freely. Uncancel yourself. And do it for the salvation of others.

When you use these 5 Ways to Uncancel Yourself, you will feel free and empowered, and shed the victim mentality Jesus never meant for you to carry. Your voice is needed in America for such a time as this. Don’t rob people of the light you have by staying silent.


Watch Gene Bailey and the panel on FlashPoint teach you how to Uncancel Yourself HERE!

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