5 Simple Habits to Increase Your Finances
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Do you seem to have more month than money? Wondering how you’ll save for retirement or get out of debt?

Don’t allow your current circumstances to call the shots. It’s time to take back your power with these 5 Simple Habits to Increase Your Finances.

Habit 1: Review Your Current Budget

How long has it been since you looked into lower rates on your car insurance, homeowner’s insurance or other monthly bills? You can potentially save hundreds of dollars each month by shopping around for the best rates on your cellphone coverage, internet or any other monthly service. 

Review your current budget, and find out where you can make minor changes that won’t change your lifestyle but will save you money. Then, consider what you can cut out altogether. (Think about all those automatic withdrawals dipping into your account every month.)

Finally, for those expenses that don’t seem to have an available lower rate—ask! Sometimes all it takes is asking for a discount to receive one.

Habit 2: Believe for a Big Raise

Have you been stuck in the belief that what you currently earn is your limit? 

The world’s limitations are never God’s limitations. With His help, you can:

  • Leap over any wall—Psalm 18:29 (anything natural standing in your way).
  • See rivers in the desert—Isaiah 43:19 (a way where seems to be no way).
  • Go from slave to ruler—Genesis 41:37-44 (see big promotion)!

Remember: God is THE ONE who gives you the power to get wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18). That means a “no” from man is never the final answer. 

If you’re going to believe for something—believe big! God isn’t the God of the possible, He is the God of the impossible. It is His will to increase His people.

In the meantime, become an exceptional employee. Go above what is expected, and increase your knowledge and skill set on your own time to become of greater value. Here is the most important thing you can do: Praise and thank God every day for your job and your income. He isn’t in the habit of promoting complainers! Praise paves the way to promotion.

Habit 3: Tithe

Every effort to increase your finances will only go as far as your obedience to God’s Word. God wants to bless you ENORMOUSLY, but tithing is the gateway. There is no shortcut. To honor the Giver of wealth, you must not withhold what is His. Don’t fight it! When you give God 10%, the other 90% will be blessed beyond anything you could ever imagine.

Habit 4: Start Saving

If you’re waiting for perfect circumstances to start saving—you’ll be waiting a long time. What is one of the habits of the rich? They pay themselves first. In other words, after you tithe, the first thing you do (before paying any bills) is to put a percentage into your savings account. Then, you work with what you have. If you need to start small—do so. From there you can work your way up.

You can spend what you make or instantly increase your net worth if you start saving. God will multiply your efforts, but you must give Him something to work with!

Habit 5: Speak the Change

Think of your words like the GPS of your life—you don’t set it to where you’ve been, you set it to where you want to go! Don’t keep the focus of your words on debt, an income that’s lower than you’d like, or mounting bills. 

Instead, focus on where you want to go—debt freedom, a raise and abundance—then speak those words. Say, “I am debt free in Jesus’ Name. I am living in the overflow. I thank You, Lord, for increase. I praise You for my raise.” Speak the change you want to see in your life. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it will come!

Building wealth isn’t as daunting as it may seem. You have a BIG God on your side. When you put these five simple habits to increase your finances to work, God will meet your effort with His supernatural touch. Make this your year for financial increase!

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