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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


Partnership Brings Blessings

by Mrs. G. Ledin, Sweden

I have a great praise report! My husband has found a full-time job for at least six months and there is a chance for him to stay there longer.

Family Is Being Restored

by Sheila Ford, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for your encouraging letter of January 28, and for joining with me for my daughter and the unifying of my family.

God’s Favor: Chosen Over the Highly Qualified

by H.V., South Africa

For many months I have been writing to you requesting prayers for a job.

Financial Breakthrough With God’s Plan

by D.and L. Anning, Australia

We received Your 10-Day Spiritual Action Plan for Complete Financial Breakthrough for Christmas from my parents (along with Living Your Life Stress Free). Thank you so much for bo

Empowered to Prosper in Any Economy

by S.andD. Osborne, North Judson, Ind.

After beginning a real-estate career that quickly flourished, I opened my own firm in 2007. My husband got a license to help out because of the tremendous growth of the business.

Prayer Hits the Target...Hospital Bill Reduced!

by S.P.,

Thank you, KCM, for your precious prayer ministers. One of them called me one day when we were in the middle of a fierce battle over a huge hospital bill.

BVOV Instead of Sleeping Pills

by Gloria Yanez, Oregon

I thank God for Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. The BVOV magazine has brought me so much joy and peace and always makes my faith stronger.

The Great Physician at Work

by P.R., U.K.

Just under two months ago I was diagnosed with a swelling on the brain that required surgery. I also received the BVOV newsletter about Jesus cursing the fig tree.

Blessed, Even in a World of Turmoil

by S.L., U.K.

It’s the greatest pleasure to share with you as a Partner how the promises of God have blessed my life during 2010, even though the world around us is in turmoil.

Immediate Answer to Prayer

by Mrs. P., Canada

Thank you for your prayers. God has been so good. I prayed for employment and immediately the phone rang with someone offering me a job. Thank you so much. Everything is going to be All Right.