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Obedience Brings Blessing

by C.C., Tulsa, OK

On Sept. 29, 2019, I was finishing up at work for the day and the Lord dropped into my spirit to give $1 a day to KCM. I couldn't deny it was the Lord, but I waited a couple days for a confirmation and never received one. So, I made up my mind to obey the Lord in faith. On Oct.8, I gave $8 in total—going back to Oct. 1 and called in a return on my giving. One of my professors from college asked me to help him move some boxes to his attic in his home and he paid me $50—for less than an hour of work! WOW! Look at the Lord! Out of that $50, I was able to tithe and give more! God can be trusted to keep His promise on blessing those who dare to believe and obey.