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God’s Healing Promise

by W.W., New Jersey

I received Gloria Copeland’s book God’s Prescription for Divine Health. The doctors said I had fourth stage cancer and did not give me much hope, but I rebuked that.

Not Luck—Heavenly Protection

by M.G., Texas

The week before Thanksgiving my family drove to Iowa from Fort Worth to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with my husband’s family.

Shining Example of Faithfulness

by R.R., Florida

Thank you for being such faithful people. I truly love you and know the Father we serve is pleased with your ministry. The Lord has used you many times to reveal Himself to me.

Our Miracle Baby

by T.and Y. Kozina, Katy, Texas

You really helped us along our journey. While living in England I phoned your ministry there for prayer.

Always Available

by J.S., Bahrain

I had asked for prayer for my husband who had a rash on his leg from which a biopsy was taken. Praise God, for He is faithful. The result came back all-clear.

A Priceless Contribution

by C.K., Denmark

Some years ago, I was totally not interested in your TV program. Whenever I would be watching TBN and your program would come on, I would switch to another channel.

Salvation and Healing

by J.Y., England

I’m writing this praise report to thank you all so much for interceding for my dear sister who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. She was told it could be malignant.

The Word Is Powerful

by S.E., London

Praise be to God! Thank you so much for your intercession prayer with me recently and the book you sent, Know Your Enemy.

Sincere Gratitude

by C.B., Scotland

I write to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for the time taken and the prayers prayed with me and for my family.

Deliverance From Above

by A.P., England

We truly serve an awesome God. My family and I are more than grateful to you for all your sincere prayers for us.