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'Giving to GOOD GROUND'

by L.S., Clarkston, Wash.

I heard George Pearsons on TV make a statement that struck me. He was holding a list of ministries that you had given airplanes to. I told my wife, “We’re already giving a lot, but send $100 to the Copelands, so that our giving is on a greater level—God has blessed them.”

From 2010 to 2015 our patient load had dropped from 175 visits a week to 65 on average. However, we never quit tithing. Our savings disappeared; and we tried to exist mainly on our social security. Every four to six weeks, we would take $1,000 to cover expenses.

When we directed $100 a month to your ministry, our patient load increased and we started having money to pay our monthly expenses, plus a reserve. What a lesson in giving to GOOD GROUND. So grateful Pastor George spoke about your “giving attitude” that day.