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Get inspired by real-life success stories, and see how "The WORD works when you put it to work!" —Kenneth Copeland


'Walking in THE BLESSING'

by M.A.S., Canada

For several years I have been believing God for a home.

Believe and Receive

by D.H., North Carolina

A couple of months ago someone from KCM called asking if I needed prayer. At the time I desperately needed a car. I just wanted you to know that one has been given to me.

Powerful Protection

by A.R., Florida

Kellie’s book Protecting Your Family in Dangerous Times was a godsend. My dad was driving home from church and swerved the car to prevent an accident.

'I Have Hope'

by C.B., Kentucky

Thank you both for all the good work you do to get the Word out to people who don’t understand what love is.

BVOV Magazine Is a Blessing

by C.W.A., Florida

I sent some BVOV magazines to a little church for the homeless that meets on the beach.

God Brought It to Pass!

by T.F., Nebraska

We were believing for all our heifer calves to bring top dollar at a sale: $600 per head (we had prayed over the phone with a prayer minister). We believed it, received it and thanked God.

God Saved My Father

by G.P., Denmark

I sent a prayer request for my father, who had been an alcoholic for over 38 years and requested that God intervene—what happened was miraculous.

Healed and Made Whole

by Y.M., Illinois

God brought forth a miracle healing and resurrection in my father.

A Living Miracle

by Tod Barstad, Georgia

In March 2007, I suffered a brain hemorrhage in the middle of the night. I awoke and ran into the wall, thinking I was just sleepy.

Relationship, Not Religion

by Alesha Harvey, New Mexico

I grew up in the bondage of religion. I was raised in a church where speaking in tongues was said to be of the devil.